What Makes God Any Different From a Deadbeat Dad?

I had thought of titling this “The God Delusion” (a book written by Richard Dawkins). And after engaging in a very lengthy conversation with a very close family member of mine about the difference between the supposed true “god” and organized religion, I have created a very unpleasant but realistic comparison in my own mental map of the world…

Blacks and other people of color have a very limited view of the real world, because of their infallible belief in the modern or previous existence of “god”. That said, their love for a “man” or “spirit” which has fucked them over repeatedly says a lot about their “stockholm syndrome”.

Without getting into a useless, boring explanation about why and how certain segments of the black community have had a false “god” (or “white jesus” or “black allah”) inflicted onto them either by organized religion or by coercion tactics by whitey or A-rabs, I’ll just jump to this particular conclusion: Even in the age of information via the Internet or pragmatic thinking, many still choose to embrace childish figments of their imagination… in the same sense small children embrace santa claus, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, the great pumpkin, spongebob squarepants, etc… While parents continue to push the narrative of fake superheroes and holiday characters to protect the innocence of children, who’s to say those 0.1%, 1%, 2%, 5% or 9% of those who “run the world” aren’t pushing the narrative of fake spiritual or superficial beings to keep people of color and women submissive, obedient and compliant to their “white Daddy” complex?

I have several scenarios for you, why do “fresh off the boat” foreigners or non-blacks come into impoverished black communities and build businesses either by idea or limited resources, prospering quicker than blacks in their OWN fucking communities? All while impoverished blacks hang onto sad blues songs and megachurches in their own communities, which resemble warzones? I’ve tackled this in another post, but I’ll take it many steps further…

Why is the crucifixion of “god” and it’s imagery more celebrated and stirs more emotion of unease than the imagery and knowledge of 400 years of captivity? including the degradation of black culture and black families by white lunacies and it’s many uniformed degenerates? What does this say about a “god” that allows this BS, especially if he IS alive in spirit, which some would have us belief?

Think about it… Why is this no different than a sexually reckless “deadbeat dad” who creates a slew of kids, only to abandon them and leaving a single mother to either struggle or reduce her progeny as bargaining chips for the state? Only to make kids vulnerable to molestation, psychological abuse, rape, bullying, murder or imprisonment? What kind of POS man allows this and sleeps at night? Knowing he has the power to prevent this? In a perfect world, an idiot such as that should either endure an ass-kicking by his kids and baby mama, or would be forced to undergo a vasectomy. This is especially true in the black community…

…and while there’s an increase in single motherhood in Southeast Asian and Latin American countries (either by choice of circumstance), they do not have the pervasive problems the AA community has, courtesy of “white supremacy”. So again, why are “deadbeat dads” attacked, while blacks are over-tolerant and loving of a “god” that allows his people to persistently get fucked over – IF one still exists in spirit or through reincarnation?! Then isn’t “god” just as fraudulent if not more fucked-up than a deadbeat dad who leaves his offspring vulnerable to abuse (forget whether he got tired of the mother of his offspring)? All while he either watches, senses or hears about it?

Can you imagine if an abusive husband did this to a woman in today’s world? Picture a man who beats his wife to a pulp with brass knuckles every hour on the hour, or hire HIV-positive or Ebola ridden Africans to rape her, then pull a 180 and expects her to worship and love him. Isn’t this similar to “the story of Job” in the bible? This was normal in most of human history, but then, the 1960s happened (a decade full of massive game changers leaving white patriarchal males to tone down their appalling behavior and rigged rules to keep specifically women and blacks “in check”).

So why would any existent “god” allow slavery, war, poverty, disease, early graves, mass graves, stoning deaths, rape and terrorism… just to get a point across? or to prove his supreme being?

But let some matriarch, a CONscious or CONservative CON artist tell you, god is still alive in spirit and above all of this, gives a damn about someone else’s sex life…

If this is the kind of supernatural “god” that exists, he must be a cruel one, who shouldn’t be met in a dark alley or a prison cell!

Here’s another scenario… Let’s say that I am the one and only true “god” of my property, i.e. a landlord or a homeowner. Suppose I leave a kitchen light on before embarking on a 5-month vacation. What happens to that specific light is out of my control. Why? Because I’m on vacation (DUH) and thanks to natural or man-made occurrences, such as technology (the short life-span of light bulbs, regardless of wattage)… or just plain science (a weather storm inflicting a mass power outage), anything can thwart my ability to control what goes on in my house.

One key point is that regardless of any infrastructure or earthly mechanisms you create, it can crumble just like any other. Especially after your death, or after a group of torturous clowns have either weakened you. Whatever happens thereafter is completely out of your control. It won’t stop diabolical humans from eradicating your existence, flipping your empire into a monetary system and profiting from your creation, biological or otherwise.

Elderly blacks were very feeble and scary MFs. Their living standards have been carried onto a certain part of the younger generation. And while the younger generation is more cynical of the old ways and society’s institutions, the older generation is still running shit. Collectively, they refuse to understand what other races or even feminists understand… That it’s a “dog eat dog” world. That you are more dead than you are alive. That many people go to their graves with nothing except the false promise of an “afterlife with pearly gates” while those in charge have their “heaven” on earth.

– But then you understand why some folks choose a life of white lies, Disney myths and fairy tales after encountering irreversible tragedies… which maybe could have been avoided if they learned their enemy and grew some balls…

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