Are Millennials Too Dysfunctional to Enjoy Things Like Sex?

Over the years, in public and internet platforms, I can’t help but to notice the epidemic of older generations blaming millennials for some “decline of civilization”. My understanding of their own hypocrisy and double-think causes me to lose even more respect for older generations and finalize that “civilization” has no right to exist, if it’s dependent on people being unhappy slaves to it.

The contempt most people in the west have towards people born after 1980 causes me to come to another unpleasant conclusion about the way things stand today. And after hearing about a multitude of current events involving today’s Gen-Yers, I have one question to ask…

Is it true that millennials in western civilization aren’t having as much sex as previous generations? If so, then why? And who’s fault is it?

There’s a lot of talk on the blogosphere about women’s hypergamy, millennials refusing kids and the high cost of having them, “rape culture” hysteria in America’s college campuses (which may be an excuse to treat average beta males like shit), women’s inherit flaking (mind games), etc… But are these really the real reason why certain millennials are too dysfunctional to enjoy having sex?

First, let me start by saying I will never advocate for some possible “return” of the traditional, erratic history of “how good CONservative white men had it”. Based on my understanding, almost every man (unless he was black) got laid in older generations. But this was during a time when women and black men had their basic human rights and agencies denied by those in power (again, CONservative and patriarchal white men, or those in Muslim cultures). In many parts of human history, there has been a huge monopoly on pussy (from King Solomon to the modern “untamed bad boy” alpha womanizer), which made other men dangerously jealous. And I’ll write another topic on that later…

Now contrast the aforementioned to today’s generation. In the western world, an “unfair” monopoly on pussy is still alive and well; today it’s called “hypergamy”. So is the epidemic of singles outnumbering marrieds, the rejection of boring domestic routine, the cognitive dissonance also known as “rape culture” and women’s inherit flaking. You see, these things also lead to soft polygamy, MGTOW, porn addiction, “thirsty” and needy behavior, overseas travel flings, feminism inflating the price of pussy, thousands of eBooks, or blogs and YouTube videos catering to clueless beta chumps on how to get sex, etc…

But I see another underlying problem…

We have a new generation of young, burned-out humans who overthink, caring too much about worthless ideologies, traditional BS and yearning for social acceptability from irrelevant people who don’t mean shit. Today’s suburbanites have problems of their own, which the older generations couldn’t foresee and prepare them for. In the western world, there’s still villages of young men and women who are killing themselves trying to obtain useless degrees from ostentatious universities, just so they can enter the rat race, pay bills, working for weekends or short-lived vacations. Just so that they can supposedly have a mythical better life than their parents, which is causing them to ignore “the finer things in life”.

This is what happens when people regurgitate past knowledge, perpetuate the herd mentality and keep the cycle going by reproducing with overachieving middle-class or religious nutcases.

Most people in middle-class suburbia are way too occupied with whoring themselves out non-sexually by studying, obtaining degrees to enter occupations – not out of desire, but to shit on people, act “important” and have these delusions of grandeur. If not that, they spend their best years cleaning up messes made by previous generations. This leads to pill-popping, chemistry-lacking, fake-friendly behavior (even among males), repressed rage, insomnia-like overthinking, laziness and other forms of self-loathing among the middle class.

One would assume that previous generations would have this problems, thanks to hardships due to lack of technology and societally imposed gender roles and societal expectations of their burned-out members.

The western world simply lacks the undercurrent of the middle east, or specific African countries where organized religion, women being stoned to death and female genital mutilation is practiced to control female sexuality. The western world is far from the current state of Japan and their “herbivore” movement, where many young persons are either blatant overachievers, or economically disenfranchised. Yet they still aren’t getting laid.

This leads to a special kind of sexual dysfunction, which may not occur so rapidly in third-world countries where promiscuity is the norm. Such as rape, pedophilia, porn addiction and useless attention whoring. The porn industry makes more money than the American sports industry. The female sex toy industry generates billions annually.

While we’re at it, why would a woman choose a sex toy (vibrators, anal beads, etc…) over her overachieving beta husband? Or one of the thousands of “orbiters” and “thirsty” beta idiots who smother her via social media? Facebook, Instagram, etc. are laced with tens of thousands of attention whores who post sexually provocative “selfies” just to tease men. But even this doesn’t imply these women are actually having sex. If so, they may be discreet about it and even then, only 1-5 guys will get lucky. As for the rest of the guys whom she baits views and likes from, they’re only being used for attention. Still, some of these same women may spend more time using their sexuality to bait views, likes, comment and attention rather than having a busy sex life.

So, who’s having sex, or… who’s NOT having sex?

No doubt, there’s lots of complaints on message boards and “Manosphere” blogs about women choosing “bad boys”, “smooth operators” and promiscuous womanizers. These women stem from various walks of life, from mythical “good girls”, cougars, single mothers (very common, even in third-world countries) and “Insatiable Wives”. The latter are nothing more than married women who secretly cheat on their beta husbands from “alpha males” who weren’t stupid enough to think 50-80 hour workweeks, or playing “the handy man” is an even exchange for some pussy. Nor were they stupid enough to allow gynocracy and society’s failing institutions to define their manhood and groom them to be “Mr. Goodbar”.

“Bad boys”, on the other hand, walk to their own beat. Their job is to run game, learn game, embrace adversarialism, hustle for money and spend hours either at the gym, or two-timing the women in their lives… rather than working an emasculating job to merely exist in some shitty suburban purgatory.

All of what I’ve just mentioned creates a recipe for sexual dysfunction in western civilization, which makes it possible for the cycle to continue (i.e., future generations cleaning up a “mess” that previous generations have made). However, the main reason why millennials are too fucked-up to enjoy sex is based on economics. How so?

Well, most middle-class types are too busy overthinking and whoring themselves out non-sexually to obtain degrees, mortgages, jobs, insurance and they either look down on simple pleasures like sex, or they are too busy or stressed out to enjoy it. Since there’s not enough hours in a day, most of their time is spend trying to play “maintenance” and fix society’s problems or focusing on systemic “achievements” that nobody cares about.

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  1. Mid-40s, never married – average looks at best. Forget valuing money, sex, women – value your time. I wasted too much time in my youth pursuing women who were happy for the attention, and wanted it kept at that. I also pursued degrees that opened exactly zero doors – and there were from top schools. I might be mildly Aspie – I never could socialize in an unstructured context. In a classroom or workplace, I could crack just enough jokes to make the task enjoyable, or demonstrate skills to show I knew the subject. But, if I was at a party, where they unspoken task was to pair up – I was hopeless, a wallflower.

    BF Skinner was probably the most accurate – if you want to promote good behavior, you have to reward it. For me, paying down my debt is proving to be far more rewarding that college or B-school ever was. It is more rewarding than taking a woman out on a date who is simply looking for a free meal. I’ll never have a fortune, nor am I likely to evade responsibilities to take care of elderly relatives – but I should have enough set aside that, while I may not live in luxury, I will not have to have trouble sleeping at night.

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