Exhibit A: The Power of Good Dick

I wrote a topic years ago about how rare strong sexual stamina/chemistry is and the power it can have over women (or anybody, for that matter). This was during my first season of this blog of mine. If I had to rewrite it for some reason, it would be done with more sophistication and even more examples. I also choose to discuss more substantial issues rather than sex as much as I’ve done in the past, but that’s another story… I’m not going to get into my own personal sex life (and no, my lifestyle doesn’t revolve around escorts – I have no problems dealing with “real” women)

For those of us (men) who have either witnessed or engaged, we know and sometimes learned the hard way that it will make women do things they wouldn’t normally do for their own husbands (or wives), or their own parents and children. All of the psychological “high IQ intellect” beta males and fake “red pill” gurus throw all across the interwebs will never change this basic biological functioning.

– Here’s a prime and recent example of what I’m talking about:

“Mother-of-four who won $188 million Powerball prize less than a year ago spends $12 million bailing out her ‘heroin-trafficking’ boyfriend for the third time – bringing total cost to $21 million.”

Marie Holmes, a black woman in North Carolina, won the Powerball lottery for $188 million at age 26 and used a mere 10% of her winning to bail out her “no good” street drug-hustling boyfriend out of prison, who was apparently arrested multiple times for drug trafficking (thanks to the American drug war). It’s evident that this single mother of 4 kids (one of whom has cerebral palsy), whose own father had run-ins with the law, had an intense attachment to her “thugged-out” boyfriend and while I personally doubt it’s based on his appearance or his underhanded occupation as a “street pharmacist”, it could have had everything to do with him fucking her into total submission. Nice guys, the “good black man” and other worthless beta chumps will never get it. As for the rest of us? We know what’s up!

This story was powerful enough to have made headlines in 2016 (one year after her winnings) and even caused Marie Holmes to become on Iyanla Vanzant’s tv show “Fix My Life”. She also donated more than more than $2M dollars to religious causes and school supplies for urban children. Yet, she somehow got sued years later by a weak-kneed church pastor, along with other self-serving, mercenary family members who were out to ‘use’ her.

Aside from all the religious fairytales her and her family believed in (“gambling is a sin”, “find a husband”, “don’t waste the lord’s money” and all that magical bullshit), think about how powerful this woman’s alpha, street boyfriend’s sex or domination is to where she spent $21M of her fortune to bail him out of jail? To sacrifice any portion of her fortune and her children’s future for a man who lives by his own street code, without any regard for anyone but himself and his own satisfaction… Need I say more?

Welcome to “the dark side”!

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