Ten Steps on How to Make a Slave in Generation-Y

Without sounding like a broken record, or like someone who either had OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) or who has mentioned this before: As decades and generations pass, younger members tend to break the past rules and regimen that held society together, but no longer works for the individuals or collective members of said society. For those who yearn for acceptance and being seen as infallible, they have an unhealthy obsession with being seen as “right”. Well, being “right” is usually rooted in past knowledge, rules and regimen that has worked before. Surprisingly, we still hear pseudo intellectual conversations and fake “solutions” to maintain our traditional stupidity.

For the cynical of us, it seems as if humanity is just a power struggle for people to fulfill their sick, insatiable desires to either control, manipulate, degrade or abuse others. Or to use vulnerable people as trophies, status symbols or bargaining chips. Ever wonder why singles out number marrieds nowadays? as opposed to decrepit has-beens and beta males with thyroid issues believing in some mythical return to arranged marriages because they have trouble finding “trophy wives”?

Or why people don’t accept traditional roles, or would rather be “hustling” independent contractors? Or why something like a BDSM-laced relationships are the closest thing to “commitment” some folks will ever accept? Or why we hear useless authority figures complain about black kids who defy authority, saying “every time you tell a black student to do something, they compare it to slavery”? How about CONservatives bitching about abortions, or declining family formation, draft enlistments and home ownership?

Go figure… It seems as if even in today’s grand scheme of things, most people want to be slaves or search for acceptance by some other person, group, ideology or institution. If you listen to some of their arguments, you’ll notice specific patterns or “solutions” to create “model members of society” and you’ll finalize that it sounds a lot like a manual for “how to make a slave”.

So, let me tell you the ten steps on how to make a slave, especially as far as Generation-Y is concerned (though these rules can be applied for any generation).

Step 1 – Create a system of dependency, devoid of circulation of money and resources. In fact, segregate the distribution of money, resources and information to only 0.1-5% at the top of society. For those others who aren’t fortunate enough to join ‘the big club’, they must be coerced into performing cheap labor (enslavement) for scraps and denied ‘agency’ and basic human liberties. This is how you establish control, dependency and segregation (This is very hard to do nowadays in the age of information, integration, retribution and personal agency among individuals).

Step 2 – Make the people feel as if “marriage is the foundation of society”, then they will follow blindly and procreate. “Get ’em while they’re young”, keep them ‘grounded’ and fill their minds up with useless facts. Keep the masses ignorant by creating the fear of ‘god’ (or some other mythical deity), prison, or other dire consequences. Worse case of failure to comply: torture, or death!!!!!

Step 3 – Teach the masses in their most formative and vulnerable years to ignore reality. Similar to step 2, except once you have them dumbed down and intimidated, they will allow others to do their thinking for them. This is what you call “mushroom management” (i.e., “keep them in the dark and feed them full of shit”). Notice how it’s similar to raising farm animals, not realizing they are being raised as cattle and later on, being led to the slaughter (similar to processing food)?

Step 4 – Implement unfair, rigged rules, guidelines, laws and tactics of fear and shaming language imposed to the youth by parents, teachers, the legal system and other members of such society. It also helps to create segregated cities, towns and neighborhoods where everybody knows everybody; even if populations increase and “city limits” are only a thing of the past. This way, everyone is in everyone else’s business, including nosy, fucked-up neighbors, jealous loudmouth beta overseers. Of course, they’ll say it’s “good for our community”, or “race” or an unforeseen future.

Step 5 – Attack, harass, humiliate or disintegrate those ‘rebels’ or those who are determined to be stronger than your “rules”, or stronger in physique or psyche. This sends a message to the others that you don’t fuck around, or that YOU, not them, are to be feared and respected. Then the others will use you as an example of being ‘hardass’, ‘rigid’ or ‘uneasy’ to deal with (even though the thought could float in the minds of others to do the same to you, sooner or later). Another way of separating the strong from the weakened herd is to send those defiant ‘rebels’ either to prison, endure hard labor, ship them off to their own segregated “shithole”, or create some despicable public demise for them, so the others won’t follow in the rebels’ steps.

Step 6 – Restrict human sexuality for procreational use only. Treat your relationships and children like cannon fodder, throw “dog and pony” shows to keep them in line and then use them as pawns and trophies to show off to friends, family, colleagues, at “neighborhood watches” and social gatherings. Beat institutions such as school, church, college, marriage and nation building in the fragile psyches of kids and give them no other alternative. Teach your kids to be obedient, respectable and ‘god-fearing’, even if it kills you! It also helps to deny their history, agency, hobbies and free will. This is something white supremacy’s geisha massage bitch is very good at. Then you compare your children to other people’s ‘honorific’ children; something “respectable blacks” are good at… (“oh, white and Asian kids excel in math, science and STEM programs, but black kids doze off, shuck and jive, arguing with the teachers”, yadda yadda yadda… yip yap…

Step 7 – Produce neverending public guilt trips and cross-examinations on people for engaging in their most natural tendencies and other “selfish desires” – especially those black people and those women. This must be done by intervening in and rewiring people’s normal social and sexual development, or preferences. After all, things like promiscuity, carnal insatiability and alternatives to marriages are ‘stupid’ and creates problems in society.

Step 8 – See to it that those unprivileged, impoverished and “sex-crazed, hedonistic bitches in heat” are shamed publicly (photos on billboards, pizza boxes, public display of address, etc.) and mention how people like them would be stoned to death or forced to perform community service in other countries for biting ‘the forbidden fruit’. To protect male ego and the purity of women, we must implement arranged marriage, racial purity, outlaw divorces, chaperone dates and destroy contraception. After all, women are incapable of making ‘better’ choices.

Step 9 – Propose “zero-tolerance” policies on even the most simplest provocations – such as sex outside of wedlock, backwards hats, tattoos, lingerie shoppes, free spirits and pragmatic thinking individuals, weapon ownership, breaking curfews, profanity-laced dialogue in public, standoffish behaviors, etc…, etc… Use the “law and order” apparatus to enforce these policies, even if it leads to severe government shutdowns, deficit or martial law. Preach on media outlets and social gatherings about the importance of being “good kids” and other “contributing citizens of society” and use major institutions to enforce rituals, servile obedience, mediocrity and slave behavior. Finally, stress how stable and happy we, the people, will be if we just “go along to get along”.

Step 10 – Vehemently criticize and openly brutalize all “those others” who have no morals. If that doesn’t work, then run them out of the community. Other forms of escapism is death, disease, self-destruction, enlisting the armed forces, homelessness, prison, drug abuse and poverty: which honestly sounds like a better option for those who don’t give a damn about saving face for people who won’t even remember you 3-5 years after they’ve abandoned you… which is about as dumb as a retarded, teenage “twink” who doesn’t know his asshole from a bowl of fruity pebbles with soymilk!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make a slave and build any society (irrelevant of race, geographical location or age)!

– Any questions? Comments?


  1. Reblogged this on AfterHollywood and commented:
    For the 2 years I have followed this blog. The writing is honest, authentic and very straight forward and I would strongly urge you to read what this very dynamic young man in his 30’s has to say about what is happening in America.

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