The Bullshit Epidemic of Spineless “Incels”

While I’m pretty confident I’m not the only one who’s touching up on this bullshit epidemic of sexually frustrated incels and other assorted beta males, here’s my take on it… and yes, I’m going to rub it in…

Last weekend, there was yet another shooting at a yoga studio in Tallahassee, FL, orchestrated by another pathetic (white) incel who was apparently unhappy with where his life was headed. Apparently, he, like most incels-turned-shooters had a huge problem with the “dark side” of female sexuality, black men having sex with white women and found black women “problematic”.

Now before I go on, keep in mind of specific commonalities among these pathetic males with arrested development…

Common behavioral patterns/characteristics among incels include:
– Borderline personality disorder
– Stalking or lusting after people
– Mostly white middle-class men who have boyish features and other awkward tendencies
– Socially inept behavior and comments made in public about females, inappropriate “come-ons”, etc.
– Regurgitation of CONservative viewpoints (i.e., “a woman’s place is in the home”, or women should never have to right to choose their own sex partners)
– Raised in CONservative and/or middle-class affluent households
– Sexual jealousy of black men, jocks, “bad boys” or “street thugs” fucking their dreamgals
– Reliance of money, degrees or High-IQ “intellect” as substitution for their lack of sexual chemistry, persona, or “game”.

I could stop there, simply because the aforementioned list speaks within itself. But the pathetic nature of self-proclaimed “incels” goes deeper than that. The total fucking lunacy of “incels” has rubbed off into the black community. Not that I was expecting for “incels” to be a racial issue, but this could be the result of women embracing their own freedoms, agencies and personal choices which comes with it. As a result, things are no longer like they were in an era where every man in America (with the exception of black men) was guaranteed some pussy – even by rape, coercion, the marriage contract or even celebratory gifts for “pillaging” or other “Roman Holidays”.

Ever since the birth of online blogs (particularly the “manosphere” and black YouTube’s “wall of silence” movement), the multitude of miserable souls multiply to voice their hatred and jealousy for alpha males, jocks and other “Ray Ray & Pookie” or “Chad Thundercock” types who get more pussy than them. Hence, they feel it’s unfair that women took themselves “off the market” for all those nice guys, or good men. Don’t forget, their hatred for promiscuous women and random “slut shaming” antics (including comments about how certain women would be “stoned to death” in muslim cultures).

Unhappy with the current state of affairs, their inability to get pussy has warped their minds so much to where they validate looney ideas… such as implementing arranged marriages and segregation, or other puritanical legacies to insure women may have no other option to depend on them for male company. In a pathetic cry for attention or help, they either vent on the internet, or go in co-ed public settings and kill women – and even people of color amidst their self-arranged suicide mission. Next, we will hear old white guys and black “educated lames” cry about fatherlessness, how casual sex is “dangerous” and how forced monogamy (arranged marriage) will somehow curb male violence (yeah… right… If anyone thinks that shit is foolproof, visit one of those middle eastern and muslim countries).

As a result, we’ll be seeing an incline of idiotic marriage counselors and other scam artists disguised as “dating gurus”, red-pill advocates or MGTOW-types who play psy-ops psychological chess games trying to recruit everyone into accepting the white picket fence marriage/religion/patriarchy package deal and push that “nation building” is the more “manly/alpha” thing to do. This includes using flawed data, research or shaming language about how the “dark side of female sexuality”, “real men don’t raise another man’s kids”, or how women are “not built to sleep around like men are” in a pathetic attempt to fuck people out of money for mental orgasms. Then it’s back to reality. And the reality is that women don’t want to have sex with these pathetic shitstains.

These are the kinds of men that women’s groups and feminists are really talking about when they mention men who rape, abuse and prey on women. But don’t be surprised if we see more suicide missions and other self-destructive tendencies from a bevy of feeble minded incels who have been lied to all of their lives.

One would assume that the solution for all “incels” are to patronize escorts, but since they feel they are “too good” for escorts, they would rather whine, vent. cry and moan worse than a bitch. Truth be told, these real “woman haters” only have one ambition, which is to “lead” a woman. What drives them out of bed is their sick desire to have total control an manipulation over women’s emotions – like a chattel slave. That said, it’s just a posse of weak motherfuckers who have an insatiable desire to hurt, kill, abuse, manipulate others – which explains the dark side of humanity.

NEWSFLASH: People, like animals, insects and other species are who they are and one miserable group of people cannot change or alter biology to their liking, just to balance society.

And while I’m on the subject, let’s ask ourselves, who has it better: a black incel who either can’t get westernized pussy, or refuse to be played by western women who blow men off instead of simply rejecting them? only to hop international fences and have overseas flings? Or a white incel who thinks he’s too good for P4P and would rather live out some bad emulation of white patriarchy? and eventually transform his limp tantrum into public massacres and “watching the world burn”?

– Perhaps Alan Roger Currie was right; today’s version of misogyny can be summed up along the lines of “If I can’t get laid, I am going to kill you.”

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