When Nation Building Turns Into an Orwellian Enslavement

Here’s more of what I think about “nation building”…

I have written several topics about “nation building” and black people’s obsession with group economics (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4 & link 5). And to keep it real simple, in order for you to build, create and sustain any society – regardless of gender, race or geographical location – you would have to enslave certain groups of people. Particularly those whom you either don’t like or think are incapable of making “right” choices, even if those choices are just to ego-stroke those who have an inferiority complex. I know I’m repeating myself, but some people are slow. Others just don’t talk about this harsh reality of “nation building”.

Here’s the thing about people reducing themselves to John Henry folktales and community servicemen trying to fix society’s problems, under the assumption that it would magically create a “perfect world” for the sake of their race, their community, future seeds, etc… Ready?

Concepts like nation building, or specifically group economics is necessary for black people to put themselves in a position to where they may not have to struggle, strain and penny-pinch from the scraps given to them by the greedy and nihilistic white establishment, some do it for the wrong reasons. Mainly modern-day “queen worship”, or emulating behavior from the “elites” who limit the distribution of resources to enforce people into depending on them.

But here’s the catch… Group economics is the antithesis of individualism. Including happiness, self identity, freedom and agency.

How many people are willing to accept that?

How many people in today’s generation who embraces their own personal agency, free will, personal choice and a sense of objectivity want to create a system where individuals allow others to do their thinking for them? If you want emulate the lifestyles of certain groups of people who have it “good”, don’t expect to live any better than them. Plus the fact that it may not work for you.

Let me explain… Jewish and Muslim communities may have powerful economic land-bases and family structures, but consider how they, like whites, shit on people every chance they get – including people in their own kin – for one-upsmanship, religious doctrine, etc. Consider how they don’t believe in specific lifestyles and vices (interracial dating, hookup culture, consuming alcohol and certain foods, etc.) because of how they feel that the rebellious or “decadent” actions of 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 “bad apples” could easily spoil the bunch. If any society is that fragile that it takes a few “bad apples” to fuck things up, isn’t that society is doomed to crumble anyway?

Sounds like voluntary slavery, doesn’t it? Or better yet, how about George Orwell’s 1984?

We can say the same thing about East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc.) who have an unhealthy obsession with money, grades and trying to fit in with wealthy white societies. For a very long time, things were foolproof because of wealth kept within the family due to their religious devotion, blind faith, obsessions with academics, threats of violence or dis-ownership bestowed onto all those disobedient “rebels” and “non-believers”. Most “community preachers” are either hypocrites or have a childlike faith in a fantasy land that may not ever exist for a variety of reasons. They’ll even say silly shit like “black were better off under Jim Crow”, even though whites still blew shit to Smithereens. The same could be said about Rosewood, Florida, segregated black communities in the face of Jim Crow 1.0, ancient Africa before European invasions, etc.

Believe it or not, some want desperately to revive this different kind of dystopia. Sadly for them, most people have better things to do than to live out this kind of Orwellian enslavement.

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