QUESTION: What’s the Reason Behind the Rise of Transgender-ism?

The more I browse through social media outlets in the USSA or even travel abroad, I cannot help but notice the rise of transgenderism.

But why? And who’s to blame?

If you ask some people these two straight-forward questions, they will tell you about how transgenderism (and alternatives to matrimony) is some government “conspiracy” to destroy family units, or to promote perversion. Others point out some biblical dystopia that occurs within “the last days”, or simply blame liberalism, or neoliberalism.

Here’s my thoughts…

While there’s nothing new under the sun, the rise of transgenderism, like homosexuality, can stem from several components. While it’s rather asinine to assign this epidemic to race, some of this stems from the emasculation of the American white male. I mean, we can discuss Roman holidays (homosexuality in ancient Rome), LGBT musicians flourishing way back in the 1960s, bisexual American presidents (including J. Edgar Hoover – who openly condemned black liberation movements, yet secretly cross-dressed), etc.

Fast forward to 2018, homosexuality among white men in developed countries has worsened, in some cases. Yes, we can talk about the insane epidemic of HIV in Atlanta, GA, but even that stems from rampant homosexuality. But nobody has the balls to discuss gay rave parties, the use of poppers, heroine and meth needle sharing or incestuous child abuse among their white counterparts. These types of freak shows even go as far as showing up in America’s elementary schools, coming up with off-the-wall “drag queen story hours”, working at toy stores, etc…

This isn’t even a matter of liberalism, or neoliberalism. Remember that CONservatives and the christian right or bible-belt types are some of the biggest “down low” homosexuals who hide behind fraudulent memes of being “pro-family values”, “anti sex education”, or “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”. HBO’s 2009 Outrage documentary exposed this kind of fuckery and I’ll take this a few steps further:

Some of these fake-assed CONservatives who preach from the pulpit of “the lord” were probably exposed to some sexual antics at too early of an age to where they can no longer get aroused by women as they approach middle-age. And how’s about this… Can we blame the skeletons in CONservative closets on women lacking sexual desire in these frail-faced SOBs, unless money is being thrown around? Hence, all of the sexual harassment and assault charges bestowed upon them in the age of #MeToo?

But even if that’s the case, that’s neither here nor there.

Transgenderism is also rampant in third world countries, such as Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, etc. But things are different in war-ravished SE Asia, where there is a rise of “kathoeys”. Some feel this is because men from SE Asia (and even select European countries) are devoid of masculinity. Others point out that it comes from an issue of poverty.

Here’s another way of looking at it… Are you ready?

– Transgenderism, be it a thing of deviancy, identity crisis or mental illness, can be a representation of self-hate. Like a black person who feel they cannot relate with other blacks or black culture. So in a desperate attempt to dilute their own masculinity or society’s fear of them, they adopt white CONservative ideology (such as Kevin Martin, Cory Alexander Haywood), or go as far as using skin bleaching creams. Hell, they might even seclude themselves somewhere in the lily-white suburbs and expire in a culturally-adrift state of being.

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