Concepts Like “Mental Illness” and “Illegal” Are Corrupted By Dogma and Tastes

I just wanted to point out something that most people do not understand; the most cynical and objective of us know better…

Human psychology and legality has been corrupted by dogma and personal tastes.

Still don’t get it? Consider some things… For generations, homosexuality was considered a mental illness or a “sickness” by psychologists. But that was until the 1970s. was finalized. Now of course, it’s still labelled as a “mental illness” by those people in society who just don’t like it – whether those persons are psychologists or ordinary people who can’t understand human attraction and biology.

The same can be said for promiscuity and interracial dating. Again, it was considered a “mental illness” by religious control freaks and other assorted hypocrites. Nowadays, it’s no longer considered as one – unless you count CONservative CON artists and tribalistic racial purists who, like holy book thumpers, are so quick to call what they don’t want to see in public “pornographic”, degeneracy, an “abomination” or some type of abnormality. They even go as far as invading other people’s personal lives, inserting themselves by saying their way of thinking hurts society.

Fuck society!

The nosy cackling hens change their perspectives and give in, or just shut the hell up once people ignore them and keep on living their lives… or once what they dislike becomes mainstream. Isn’t that how it always works? Well, directly attacking some group of people who engage in “anti-social behavior” is an instant turn off which guarantees rejection of even fisticuffs. Therefore, shaming language is created or a few whackjobs want to enforce laws, or even change laws that work in favor of the people they fear, envy or whom they categorize as “complicated”.

As Don Spears said in his 1991 book Goodpussy, when black people don’t like laws, they break them. When white people don’t like laws, particularly those that work in favor of black people, they try to get into office and change them. The same can be said about misogynists or misandrists who keep this whole “gender war” BS up and running.

CONservatives, Afrocentrists, white nationalists, alt-right idiots, religious sleepwalkers and other like-minded retards are pretty much the same beasts, but in different rhetoric and modus operandi; they all desperately hang onto archaic senses of shaming language to weed out the “undesirables” to fail or refuse to “stay in their place” or allow themselves being used as slaves and chattel for the sake of their so-called “program” or “order”. Yet, we ignore real issues, traumas, toxic chemicals in air, environment and food, or genetic traits that can turn people mentally ill. We ignore legalized crimes, abuses and unfairness against the people simply because they are seen as “normal”, or because that’s how some people were “raised”.

Long story short, psychologists, lawmakers and wannabe nation-builders categorize people and create laws based on tastes, personal dislikes and dogma. Cancerous trends like monogamy, chivalry, white picket fence marriages, obedience, holy scriptures, the hard work ethic, trophy wives and “beating the failure” out of society’s members have faded into an obsolete and unhealthy wet dream.

– But people still creatively overthink ways to fuck themselves (i.e., mental masturbation). The party is over, but these “experts” on humanity people just don’t want to except that.

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