How is Cardi B’s Scandalous Behavior Worse Than Other Shady People of Influence?

– Lately, I have been on an unintentional hiatus from writing as I have been dealing with some minor health issues (hence, adjusting to American “daylight savings time”).

Recently, there was an old, but short video brought to light by ex-stripper, female rapper Cardi B about how she drugged up and robbed her male clients when she used to be a stripper, as a means of “survival”. Because of this, some people on social media has gone as far as to compare her to Bill Cosby, while others are pushing hashtags like #MuteCardiB or #SurvivingCardiB, etc…

Firstly, I will start by saying that I am certainly NOT condoning the actions of Cardi B, Bill Cosby, or anyone (celebrity, or civilian”) who drugs up people in order to rob, date rape, or alter anyone’s behavior to their “liking” or “convenience”. But here’s my counter question…

How is Cardi B’s past scandalous behavior any worse than other celebrities, let alone “civilians” (ordinary people) who commit date rape, paternity fraud, dodging child support payments or those who use vulnerable, gullible people to justify their paid existence? Let alone other persons of influence who come from grimy pasts?

The drugging of people is a heightened practice in America’s public school systems; schoolchildren are being put on Ritalin and other drugs to suppress hyperactivity and innovative behavior, even without their parents’ permission. Yet, we see that as normal, or for “the benefit of society”. How about ordinary men (and women) who date rape people as a means to have sex, steal money or drug people into submission and obedience?

Why isn’t the same outrage shown for faulty religious leaders who push the myth of an afterlife while their followers remain in poverty, or cover up sexual abuse, sexual hypocrisy or money laundering in churches, or other “opium dens of failure”? How about abusive military husbands and cops who are caught drugging people, or planting evidence on people and get quotas met through fake, trumped up charges? or dizzy white women who produce false rape accusations against men for whatever reason – or because some man called her out on her bullshit? How about women who commit paternity fraud, whether it’s intentional or not?

Whether some of you will point out that there’s seemingly no accountability for women and their scandalous nature – even through some of the examples I’ve pointed out – the bottom line is that public outrage depends on (as usual) WHO does it, but who can get away with it so much to where it’s become normalized.

We can discuss all day long about why it may be difficult for all genders of people to open up about being taken advantage of by people, whether they are celebrities or not. But the fact remains that there is a law of human nature being adversarial (i.e., “dog eat dog”) and that not many people have become successful by being meek and humble saint-like figures. The same can be said about civil rights leaders, historical anarchists, plantation owners, Vikings and Spartans, concubines, land conquerors, etc.

I wrote earlier this year about how or why celebrities come from troubled and dysfunctional pasts. Most entertainers (including a handful of white ones, such as Mark Wahlberg), as well as freedom fighters are rebels who are no strangers to jail and either witnessed people killed, or being beat to a pulp, or beating the shit out of people themselves and even putting “hits” out on people for violating their personal space and disrespecting them. Others may become suicidal, or have engaged in reckless activities as a short cut to escape poverty; especially since circumstances drive the options.

Well, we can say the same about many rags-to-riches stories, or politicians and crooked lawmakers who have inferiority complexes and CONservative bullshit artists with new and old skeletons in their closets… who do far more harm to society than some Grammy Award winning ex-stripper who admitted three years ago to drugging up potential male clients and stealing their money to either make ends meet, enhance her career or because she simply didn’t want to have sex with them.

So now social media is full of fake afrocentric idealists, “woke” ass-kissers and even shady, reformed ex-cons saying she’s a bad role model for teenage girls (which I concur that Cardi B should not be labeled as some type of “role model”) — and other SJWs calling for her music to be banned from airwaves. This is understandable only if you want to send the message out there that rape (sexual or otherwise) is wrong, irrelevant of gender – especially in the light of radio stations banning the music of R. Kelly and Michael Jackson; even though as of today, the allegations of the latter two are nothing more than just that… allegations.

And yes, I’m aware that Advocatus Diaboli (“The Devil’s Advocate”) made a topic about how people are quick to demonize R. Kelly, while ignoring the same behaviors from white actors and rock stars.

It seems that as far as Cardi B is concerned, certain people crying about life being “unfair” are only trying to level the playing field of this stupid gender war BS.

So again, how is Cardi B any different from any of the other shady characters that I’ve mentioned? Do you really think a lot of people who are employed by their government in “respectable” professions do any meaningful work? Or do they just use sick and vulnerable people to justify their existence in a profession that allows them to be paid? and to be praised and respected to levels they truly do not deserve to be on?

Are people really going to start digging up dirt on every celebrity, politician and civilian and label them as not being decent “role models” for kids? Similarly, will the system really imprison every single human for not paying taxes, child support, high costs of car ownership, or engaging in paternity fraud, shoplifting, date rape, drugs and prostitution?

People don’t have that much time on their hands… do they?

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