Tariq Nasheed is Now the Black Version of Alex Jones

NOTE: I know that I haven’t written or posted anything in a while, but just bare with me as I have taken time of for personal reasons, as well as health reasons and recovering from yet another tropical vacation. Chances are, I’ll be back writing again after the American summer…

I’ll start off by saying that in the black community (since blacks are only steps ahead of slavery and segregation), any amount of pseudo-intellectualism, subjective views and conspiracy is peddled as scholarship – if you don’t believe me, take a look at these “hotep”, fake “woke”, Afrocentric queen worshippers and how they think everything is a conspiracy theory to destroy the black race or black families… from homosexuality, bisexuality, interracial dating, rap music, well-deserved disrespect for authority, the welfare state, etc.

So my question is… if they are so “woke”, why haven’t they produced any real worthwhile solutions? And what IS their “solution” if they have any? Say “no” to swirling, “no” to homosexuality”, shut down all social media accounts and convert to Islam, phony Afrocentrism and engage in stone-age type of “nation building” under the pretense that no civilization will eventually crumble down. In short, it truly is only a bunch of sheeple who regurgitate from one herd to the next and create even more common groupthink regurgitation – as if humanity is “one size fits all”.

With that said, I’ll just get straight to the point…

Tariq Nasheed is now the black version of Alex Jones!

Now, this is not to say that Tariq Nasheed has ever gone as far as saying that school shootings are “fake”, or fabricated like Alex Jones has (which had gotten him into a lot of hot water). But it’s getting to the point to where Tariq Nasheed is no different. You ask… how? Let me tell you…

Tariq knows he cannot sell “pimping and macking” as he has done from the late 1990s until 2011 (hence the start of the Hidden Colors docu-series) because of female empowerment. Meaning women have the right to pick and choose who they want to accept or reject for sexual gratification, as they should… even if it’s in a sense of paying for sex. Therefore, if a woman wants get paid to have sex with people, she doesn’t need a pimp or a madam to guide her through that. It doesn’t matter if prostitution is legal or illegal in said town, city, state or country – but especially in an atmosphere where sex work is legal, yet pimping is illegal. So what does he do? Find a new way to sustain himself, as most businessmen or entertainers do once their former brand (or the cloth they’re cut from) goes out of style and loses it’s fanbase. Once that happens, some folks betray their own cause.

How else can you explain him making a fool of himself during an unprepared face-off with Fox News’ Carlson Tucker? Then calling his own books about how to deal with women “satire”? Speaking of which… If you already naturally have what it takes (physically or socially) to makes women’s drawers drop, paid or unpaid, why are you wasting your time, money and energy reading books about “game”, or how to get laid from “reformed players” or MRAs who simultaneously and paradoxically cry and moan about the loss of traditional, patriarchal “values”?! It’s a walking contradiction – like feminists who whine about “rape culture”, but possess innate sexual desires for men who are “tall, dark and handsome” (or men whom are most physically capable of raping them).


It doesn’t take a master in astrophysics to see that Tariq Nasheed does a great job at bitching up around white conservatives, then take great joy in attacking other blacks – including young black women who call him out on his past. It’s as if nowadays, he says rational-sounding bullshit for shock value and to bait views, just as clowns on YouTube and the “manosphere” does, especially once their blogs become monetized. That said, his new niche includes black empowerment – and while he has done some great things with his much needed docu-series and writing checks here and there to black families who suffered systematic abuse by white law enforcement peons, other times it’s questionable.

So, Tariq Nasheed is hopping on the bandwagon of other phony afrocentrists, hoteps and “pan-african” types; whereas everything is a fucking conspiracy to destroy the black race, black relationships or black families – from LGBT, interracial dating, women’s rights, etc. But it doesn’t stop there…

A couple of months ago, there has been questions raised about the murder of Nipsey Hussle and whether it was gang related, or yet… another conspiracy designed by the American government, or law enforcement because Nipsey Hussle was planning a documentary on Alfredo Bowman (a.k.a. Dr. Sebi), whom some conspiracy theorists finalized was also assassinated by the American government because of his so-called “cures” for HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia, cancers, diabetes, etc… While that is possible, we have yet to hear testimonial from anyone whom Dr. Sebi has supposedly “cured” from HIV/AIDS, or any other diseases, for that matter.

Recently, Facebook and Instagram dished out a lifetime ban of Nation of Islam leader, Farrakhan. Oh, yeah, there’s some sort of conspiracy behind that shit, too! Nevermind how white nationalism, InfoWars, Alex Jones, or “cultural libertarian” Milo Yiannopoulos have been banned from social media within the past year or so. How about in 2009, when that loudmouth jackass Sergeant Willie Pete got himself banned from YouTube for 5 years after the tragedy involving Asia McGowan? Him recording himself publicly receiving blowjobs from white girls and posting it on YouTube didn’t help, either. Believe me when I tell you that folks from the black CONscious community thought it was yet another conspiracy theory to “keep people stupid”.

Then, of course, there’s the imprisonment of Bill Cosby and how people (not limited to Dick Gregory) think it’s some Machiavellian conspiracy to destroy the black race. While I’ve mentioned before that this was Bill Cosby’s karma – hell, even Tariq Nasheed himself said years ago in a podcast that Cosby’s idiotic 2004 Poundcake Speech was only a way for Cosby to make himself relevant again via an ode to victim-blaming — even though Tariq Nasheed does the same shit, just like any other businessman or washed-up has-been.

Let’s not forget when someone swatted Tariq Nasheed’s home, which led to him being arrested. Or how the FBI supposedly pay him a visit at his home to “question” his views. Again, I’m not implying these events are not possible to have occurred. Especially in these times when racist whites are coming out of the closet now more than ever, thanks to social media and the current ass-clown of an American president breathing life into the dying corpse of white supremacy. But let’s not act like these things cannot be fabricated or staged, either.

– But hey, I’m not one to knock anybody’s hustle. In the world of business where suppliers pander to and gravitate to the demand of their most loyal fan base, everybody does it.

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