Why Are Black Women So Fucked Up?

NOTE: This is in no way, shape, or form an attack on women, women’s sexuality, women’s choices – black, or non-black. This is only a glimpse at the many ways women disrespect the men in their lives, yet somehow expect these same men to be “loyal” to them, for whatever reason.

Even though many things are better experience or even observed in real life, one great thing about social media and the internet is that it allows people to witness people’s true nature and the dark side of humanity that can’t ever be depicted in film… or pop culture. And not just because of censorship.

One thing CONservatives, feminists, manginas, racial purists, Afrocentrists and traditionalists have in common is that they all want disposable slaves to use, abuse and exploit in order for them to receive or maintain “the upper hand”. This includes making slaves of people (women, men, children, employees, etc.). In this case and in today’s grand scheme of things, they all want to make obedient slaves out of men in order to put pussy on pedestals, to make society “intact”, or to ensure some survival of their race, or species.

as it was mentioned previously by Advocatus Diaboli (aka “The Devil’s Advocate”), their favorite excuse for treating people (particularly men) like shit is… drumroll…

“It’s for the sake of the kids.” …or “our race” …or society, or whatever the fuck…

So, this morning, I had stumbled across a Facebook group conversation among a bunch of female members in said group. While some of this certainly does not surprise me, I have witnessed specific ways women attempt to destroy men (and children) in the USSA – particularly in the black community (not to say white women are innocent, ever).

Here’s screenshots of how these women (mostly black women) told on themselves, pertaining to how they have emasculated, attempted to destroy or disrespect their (mostly beta) husbands, or boyfriends in either a jealous rage, or to prove how “dominant” she is. What bothers me just as much is how these stupid motherfuckers still wanted to be with these women and even marry them…


And to think that these same bitches (a word I use lightly, by the way) and their dickless mama’s boy, beta male enablers will be the main ones regurgitating some stupid airy-fairy shit about how “it’s the black man’s obligation to stick by the ‘blaque wombman’ NO MATTER WHAT!”

This proves even more true that women prefer beta males as their punching bags!

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  1. When are your next batch of articles?

    I have been swamped with my occupation and yet another overseas vacation. When I get some time, I’ll post new content as I’ll be retiring from WordPress indefinitely. I just came up with new topics to touch on as well.

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