Home Is Where the Hate Is deals with perspectives and true-life stories about a young, up-and-coming successful black male thirty-something, as he states himself. Growing up in the Metro Detroit area, he admits to becoming somewhat of a “late bloomer in life”, due to his chaotic and repressed upbringing, in addition to struggling with personal demons. As he turned 20, he promised himself that he would not wind up like most “men in their 40s and 50s”, whose best years of their lives have passed away with the inability to enjoy life, thanks to marriage, family, children, contempt, gluttonous women and draining occupations, which all eventually lead to lack of exuberance, wasted time and serious burnout. As a result, he spent a lot of his 20s trying to find himself instead of creating himself, which also led to wasted time – not to mention, personal demons he has struggled with for years; some of which is self-inflicted, while others pertain to him being emasculated and neutered by a public school system he was forced to adhere to and being raised in an African-American puzzling and lazy matriarch hellhole. However, as he approaches his 30s, he realizes that life has really start to begin for him and it bewilders him beyond his wildest dreams. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it!”

As Mr. Odessa puts it, he has always known, based on his inner senses and intuition, that there is more to life than what is being force-fed to the masses since adolescence (i.e. Conformity, Marriage and other forms of “Dehumanization”). While there are certain aspects of his life that he will not share for various reasons, he chose to compile his life experiences into writing which he hopes will also change someone’s life for the absolute best. These writings deal with his horrible and mystifying experiences with the opposite sex, an increasingly high sexual appetite which leads to mystifying and dark encounters, his two fathers, his mother, career occupations, friends, being a loner, health, religion, the decline of American life, depression, travel, his willfully being self-taught, based on certain life experiences and certain skills and an overall search for identity, which was never obtained until approaching 30. He agrees that “Life for a man begins as he approaches 30, depending on how he takes care of himself.”

This blog is intended for mature audiences only, as it contains profanity, explicit sexual dialogue and topics that are of a mature nature. Those who are offended by this are forewarned that this blog may suitable for those individuals and discretion is advised. Mr. Odessa will not reveal any personal information about himself, for various reasons and chooses to remain anonymous (based on personal safety and various perspectives and lifestyle choices). Mr. Odessa posts topics only on weekdays and does not post topics during the American Summer months (June-August).

2013, All Rights Reserved.


  1. I’ll be plowing through your archives for the next few days. Keep at it homie!

    Thank you, theshido. Your blog is one of the few I subscribe to.

  2. I followed the link embedded in your username over at Advocatus Diaboli’s blog. At first I thought you were Ukrainian or something lol.

    I am European, but some things that you state here resonate with me as well. My pet theory is that men who find themselves in agreement with the general ideas exposed by manosphere blogs are by nature more self-aware and what we could call “ultra-realistic”. We want the truth, no matter how harsh it may sound. We also care a lot about time, because we have lots of things to read, do or experience, so often women create a serious problem given the hours required for seduction.

    I don’t know much about black people in America, but I understand that your situation is not good. I am glad that you made yourself an exception.

    1. Thank you.

      Personally, I have no problem dealing with women. It’s the inherit flakiness, time wasting and hypocrisy that I cannot stand. As far as me being an “exception”, that may not last long. It’s just that I am intensely aware of my surroundings and have been since my childhood years.

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