AP and the Rise of the American Athlete’s Sexual Irresponsibility


Hearing about the death of the NFL Vikings’ running-back Adrian Peterson’s 2-year old son via TMZ this past Friday afternoon angers me, but it’s more than the death of the unfortunate baby that bothers me. It is evident that Ann Doohen – the mother of Adrian Peterson’s son – is possibly unstable and I say this for a number of reasons:

1)       Why on earth would any mother have her children around grown-ass people who either she barely knows or those who are not the child’s immediate family?

2)       Why would any woman be so excited about having a companion in her life to where she would introduce her boyfriend to her children, only after knowing him for several weeks or months?

3)       Joseph Patterson – Ann Doohen’s lover who killed AP’s son – has a history of domestic violence and random outbursts of anger. Now, I am not saying that this is any of Ann Doohen’s fault, especially if she was unaware of the kind of man she was dealing with. Again, any sane, cautious adult – male or female – should take the time to know a person before allowing them into the lives of their children. That process may take years or months to accomplish (although you never really get to know a person until, perhaps, years into marriage). Whether women are intrigued by violent men or otherwise, again, why would any mother have her children around any adult who the children do not know and are not kin to?

The fact that Ann Doohen is Caucasian makes no different, though to some men, it is quite a shock. I say this because many times, when we hear about black athletes in trouble with women, it is usually with undesirable black women whose behavior is erratic, to say the very least, or whom the athletes have ‘baby-mama’ drama with. And I am not excusing the fact that many athletes have trouble with white females, but most of those troubles stem from sexual altercations as well as domestic violence (including sexual violence or false-rape accusations).

We all know that athletes are promiscuous and this is due to the fact that they have money, fame, prestige and the ability to exude alpha-male bravado. My problem is the sexual irresponsibility. Granted, some athletes can get away with their promiscuities due to them choosing to remain single and shielding themselves from scandals. Truth is, most black male athletes are sexually irresponsible and they are always involved in the headlines of a sex scandal, be it having multiple children, sexual assault or other reckless acts (ranging from Mike Tyson to Terrell Owens; from Tiger Woods to Chad Ochocinco, who is becoming increasingly and unspeakably stupid). I mean, of course there are white male athletes who are even more reckless and their acts go unheard of an unpunished (prime example, quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Rothlisberger who was accused of rape a couple of times – Let’s face it, he did not receive a quarter of the scrutiny Tiger Woods faced for having consensual sex with multiple women amid his marriage).


There is an art to promiscuity, which includes letting your bedfellows know what to expect, plus a set of standards, which also includes not giving certain people the time of day. There are far too many of black athletes who make babies they are not taking accountability for and shit like this happens far too much. The fact that Adrian Peterson did not know he has a son until he visited his dying son at the hospital – who was on life support – is a heightened stupidity that I can’t even fathom. How can you come inside a woman and not question if she happened to be inseminated with your child in the future? Why would the mother not discover who the father is, or better yet, if she knew he is the father due to him being her only sex partner, refuse to tell him? This is why there is a segment of the African-American female populace who embrace retarded memes such as “Mama’s Baby, Daddy’s Maybe”; which implies that it is undeniably the mother’s baby, but due to the mother’s sexual irresponsibility, by allowing various men to have sex with her without any form of contraception being used, the father legitimacy remains unknown – that is, until he takes a blood test or winds up on Maury. The “MB.DM” motto is highly embraced in the African-American female populace for the reason of their own stupidity. Women use the motto as a term of praise, assuming it showcases their so-called ‘strength’ and ‘virility’, when it really is a sign of heightened desperation, which also make men purposely look stupid. The root of that problem makes for another topic.

Now, I am not taking a proverbial shit on athletes in this topic. Sad truth is, most young men – celebrities or otherwise, get caught up in the heat of the moment, which is understandable, yet intolerable. In addition to that, most young men are clueless about what to do if they love sex, but has no desire to have children. I discovered what a vasectomy was when I was only 20 – when my stepfather had his. A lot of this shit can be prevented if men either put a cap on it, get a vasectomy or conduct themselves like men who only date women overseas or frequent escorts and leave the trash alone. This way, their lives would be less complicated and women could never screw these men over, directly or indirectly. On top of that, no birth would be given to children from wayward mothers and fathers who do not give a shit about them. Thing is, many pregnancies by black mothers or women who are casual sex partners for men are unwanted. And as author Todd Wooten stated, most unwanted pregnancies turn out to be unwanted members of society. That, if those children’s lives are not compromised by senseless acts perpetuated by evil motherfuckers.

I have heard excuses, such as “Someone was hating on Adrian Peterson and wanted to provoke him.” If that was the case or not, I am a firm believer that you cannot give a person ammunition to use against you, then get upset one shots are fired at you and your loved ones. I will not try to sound like Dr. Haha Lung entirely, but he is absolutely right when he said that family can be a person’s biggest liability. If a family member is in distress, we naturally drop everything to come to their rescue. With that said, the very thing we drop could be something our enemy either uses against us or take away from us forever. Yes, people conspire to destroy successful people out of jealousy. But can this be said about Mike Tyson? People knowing Mike Tyson is a ticking timebomb with a short-ass fuse provoked his wrath for years, causing Iron Mike to act stupider. There is no excuse for the fact that many black athletes are just plain fucking stupid. Then again, most American celebrities are not bright people from the start, regardless of ethnicity. I do not want to get started on the most retarded athlete of them all: Chad Ochocinco, who married a violent reality TV star with anarchic tendencies – which were televised – only to be charged for domestic violence, then jailed for 30 days for slapping his lawyer on the ass in court). Tariq Nasheed (a black author/filmmaker who has written countless books about ‘game’) even stated before that Chad Ochocinco brought this entirely on himself, because he “dates like a teenager”.

Though some athletes have the money and luxury to pay for high quality pussy, most do not. If it were the case, there wouldn’t be so many bastard children, ‘scorned’ women with cutthroat elements screwing up these men’s lives and careers, plus there wouldn’t be tragedies such as the recent one with the death of Adrian Peterson’s son. I am reminded of a very cruel, but brutally honest joke an old friend of mine said in my freshman year of high school. Acknowledging the fact that teenage pregnancies were rampant at the time, he obnoxiously stated, “It’s always the ugly ones who get pregnant. Dudes are like ‘Fuck it, I just need some pussy.’”

It seems that pussy (or worthless pussy) is the root of almost every black athlete’s downfall, if not publicly violent acts, lack of money management or other forms of self-sabotage. But this leads me to ask this unsettling question: Are men that desperate for pussy to the point to where you have to flirt with anarchy and fuck with fire?!

I love sports, but these motherfuckers are not my heroes! (with the exception of Muhammad Ali, Wilt Chamberlain, Tiger Woods and a few others) 







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