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…a preliminary study of a black male thirty-something's province…

ONE MONTH: Season 4 Begins!

This upcoming season, I will be discussing more substantial issues than ever before. I will discuss the recent racial tension between black citizens and the American police, the rise of … Continue reading

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*End Of Season 3: Summer Hiatus*

So lately, I’ve been busy prepping for the American Summer of 2016, dealing my own personal life (which includes getting shit done). As I end Season 3, I also sit … Continue reading

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Women Who Stray

Men have difficulties understanding something… Game blogs perpetuate the myth of women hitting “the wall” as they approach their 30s. This is an old-folks myth that held validity in older … Continue reading

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Third Summer Hiatus, Coming May 25th…

The End of Season 3 of Home Is Where The Hate Is is approaching. Wednesday, May 25th 2016 is when I will post my final blog topic for the 3rd season and … Continue reading

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May 2016 – Cardi B

Originally posted on Beautiful Gurrlzz:
Cardi B. is a familiar face in the Black and Latino community – on social media, as a musician and a regular on reality TV…

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Bitches Love Drama: Jhene Aiko’s “The Worst”

The Worst is the quintessential modern song about women’s freaky love/hate struggles with “bad boys”. Here, I’ll do a lyrical autopsy. [Verse 1] Tell me whatcha say now? Tell me … Continue reading

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Bitches Love Drama: Mary J. Blige’s “Mr. Wrong”

[Drake] “Don’t it seem like Like I’m always there when it matters But missing most of the other time A terrible pattern The rewards I see from working Made me … Continue reading

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People Will Twist the Lever Until it Snaps

Here’s my noble conclusion about humanity – People enjoy twisting the lever … until it snaps on them! Have you ever as a child played with a “jack in the box” … Continue reading

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Typical Drama-Prone Western Hoes

– Some of the incidents in this incident I’ve recently witnessed have been altered… People (particularly self-hating, feminized black men) assume only black women are barbaric and violence-prone. While this … Continue reading

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FetLife Reveals Deviancy and Perversion Among It’s Decrepit Users

For those of you who may or may not be familiar with a BDSM-themed hookup social networking site called Fetlife, let me explain something to you… Fetlife is the quintessential … Continue reading

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Why I’ve Unsubscribed From “Return of Kings”

Recently, I’ve come to the conclusion that “Return Of Kings” (like much of the fake “Manosphere”, or the now-dead “Wall of Silence”) is full of idiots stuck in a psychological … Continue reading

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April 2016 – Stacey Dash

Originally posted on Beautiful Gurrlzz:
? April 2016 – This month goes to… well, yeah… Stacey Dash. Actress turned CONservative who has made headlines not too long ago for her…

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Home is where the hate is because home is where the misery stays. invading everything in sight. The fact that I became used to it gives me the ammunition to outgrow it.


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