The Ulterior Motives Behind the Abortion Ban in the Retarded States of America

So last week, there has been legalized “crackdowns”, or… so-called “movements” against abortions in several American states – particularly those “retarded” (southern, “bible belt”, “slow” and derpived) states of America. While lawmakers, traditional CONservative minded beta males and other holy crusaders insist that this is for the “benefit of society”, the more realistic and cynical of us know this is more about power, control, meddling in other people’s personal affairs and pissing on people’s parades.

Again, I never understood why the hell any man or woman who already have busy social lives of their own would care about the personal or sexual choices of others? as long as it doesn’t involve kids, animals or the intentional spreading HIV/AIDS or other permanent STDs?

abortion bill 1

Just look at the portrait above and let’s call it what it is… a bunch of physically unappealing CONservative men (i.e., nostalgic humans whom are soon to be faded memories) whom are too obsessed with trying to control women’s bodies and regulate sexual conduct, simply because they aren’t getting any pussy.

But the ulterior motive behind these anti-abortion bills (passed essentially in Bible Belt, USA) goes a whole lot deeper than just unhealthy obsessions with maintaining worthless CONservative status quo, as it pertains to overturning Roe v. Wade – as promised by effeminate, unpopular idiots like Brett Kavanaugh (reducing women to only baby-makers, wives and mothers).

So, Rolling Stone published an article only days ago stating how this recent “beta male revolution” is just another way to uphold destructive white patriarchy. This is truly a desperate attempt to turn back the clock and revert to the “good ole days”, where – in the eyes of white men – women, children, n*ggers and other non-white “undesirables” either knew “their place”, or get weeded out for not falling “in line”. It doesn’t take an astrologist to conclude that this could be an attempt to keep the criminal justice system intact, or an even more futile attempt to restore white fertility rates. Or maybe not… Because no matter how many laws are written or rewritten, it doesn’t change the fact that fertility rates are ever-increasing in black, Latin and SE Asian communities.

An abortion ban doesn’t change sexual attraction and that women just do not find certain men capable of getting their rocks off; even if they have the same skin tone as them. The only alternative in forcing women to procreate with men they can’t stand is through rape, incest or an arranged marriage (aka, slavery by another name). But don’t be surprised if we somehow hear of underground back-alley clinics, or (better yet) more retarded… OOPS, excuse me… deformed “aspies” in the “bible belt” states of America.

Advocatus Diaboli stated days ago that this could be a the republican party’s way of attention-whoring; to one-up democrats by passing even more bad laws to get votes – the democratic party has an obsession with gun control, whereas republicans and CONservatives preach some “pro-life” psychobabble and pass anti-abortion bills… which is even stupider than the former. While he is totally correct, I see something else…

The recent and unpopular abortion ban that is destined to fail will fuck over both genders. Don’t believe me? Consider this:

Say a guy gets a woman preggo (irrelevant if it’s the product of a one-night stand, or even a marriage) and neither wants a baby, a family, or an addition to a family. It screws over a woman having control over her body or her life. AND… A guy can’t even pay a woman $500, either because he doesn’t want the responsibility of parenthood, he cannot afford it, or insert whatever reason here _______________! And trust me, there’s a handful of CONservative whackjobs who take pride in doing this, only when it benefits them. Not to mention, a handful of delusional MGTOWs and wannabe CONservatives on “the manosphere” who I know have done this (one or two whom I’ve had the displeasure of knowing personally).

These are the same pseudo-intellectuals playing themselves so bad, because they feel sexually liberated women destroys societies. Yeah… go fucking figure!

P.S., don’t give me that shit about black women being some stereotypical “face of abortions”, or how Planned Parenthood is some sort of conspiracy to destroy the black race. Especially since fertility rates soar in black and brown communities. If that really were the case, would these white CONservatives be so hell-bent on trying to overturn Roe v. Wade? Let’s be real, white CONservatives really don’t give a shit about black kids, unless they’re out to use them for mass incarceration programs. Then again, the system feeds off of mass incarceration for black males – including black men being used as bait for the child support hustle, as well as the failing “war on drugs”.

This just might turn the child support bureaucracy system into a bigger cash cow, leading to a much higher rate of mass incarceration – especially in a time of job instability, recessions, unemployment, at-will employment, budget deficits and even possible closing of business chains and government shutdowns in the future.

Ironically, the system eventually runs out of black males to screw over, so to keep their fragile system intact, they turn on other vulnerable, impoverished people and eventually other white males. These fraudulent and hypocritical “pro-life” advocates don’t give a shit about African-American, Latin or SE Asian kids, born or unborn. The fact is, white women have access to better health care than women of color, domestic or foreign.

But wait… there’s more! – While I understand feminist groups stating that this is some type of “war on women”, white CONservative women in levels government (Alabama governor, Kay Ivey, for one) signed this temporary fad into law. It has gotten so bad to where now several black female lawmakers propose an anti-vasectomy bill on men’s reproductive and sexual health in order to level the playing field.

– This is what happens when beta males “revolutionists” band together and use concepts like “law and order”, religion, or states’ rights to justify an enslavement, subjugation and destruction of people whom them personally don’t like – particularly women and those “unruly” men of color whom they feel threatened by, or sickeningly jealous of.

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