Pipelining On A Budget: 1

There’s several blog writings found on the interwebs about “BDSM on a budget”, or “seeing escorts on a budget”. For those of you guys who ponder on whether or not being “established” (having a high income) is necessary to pipeline women, the answer is “no”.

Let me give you a scenario:

  • Now, let’s say… you make $2K per month –

If you reside in a duplex, flat or studio apartment, monthly payments are only $500-700 per month. It’s cheaper if you have a living arrangement, assuming you live with 1-2 others (which is very common in today’s world. There’s no reason to live in an oversized house or condo if you’re single). Utilities, cell phone, car note with insurance and gas, plus gym memberships is probably a collective $800. Monthly groceries are about $200. So you have $300-500 left. That’s enough for you to pipeline several women.

So where does that money go? Well, you go out for drinks and appetizers, let’s say that’s between $30-50. Or you can cook and drink whatever’s in your own pantry. AND… you won’t have to spend money on hotel rentals. If you have a living arrangement, you can probably get away with it… unless you live with nosy parents or immature, cockblocking blabbermouth “friends”. But if they’re the type who stay in their own lane, that’s better.

Of course, you can have sex in your car, a non-public pool, a park, parking garages, beaches, a cemetery, or a school sports field after hours. Personally, it doesn’t gratify me, but I’m sure many alphas with a “IDGAF” demeanor had the balls to achieve this at some point in their lives.

For every woman you pipeline, it’s only maybe $50 if you live alone. This includes dining at an IHop, or anywhere else for “happy hour”, drinks and gas. If you have a living arrangement and you don’t want everyone in your business, cheap hotel rentals at a 3 or 4-star hotel doesn’t have to be more than $60-70. But therein lies the catch as it cuts into the rest of your disposable income. If she somehow insists you take her to expensive sushi spots, that’ll also cut into your other pipelining prospects. That is until your next paycheck arrives.

Now, if you’re an adventurous alpha playa who lives for adrenaline-laced activities with your sex partners (jet skiing, tattoos, piercings, swingers clubs, getting high, etc..), more power to you. Just because you pipeline on a budget (unless it’s a tight one), you don’t have to be “basic”. Females love excitement and spontaneity as much as they love drama and dick. Don’t ever forget that! That’s more enticing than expensive dinners at sushi spots, watching movies (unless they’re horror movies), sports games, gossip, meeting the parents and all that other BS.

Having sex with multiple women several times a month ain’t a bad deal, even if you’re only making $24-30K a year. Therefore, you’d have to forget about pointless shit… Like nightclubs, casinos, video games, porn, Jordans, Timberland Boots, Rolexes, expensive cable bills (Roku, Sling, Netflix, VHS/DVDs and on-demand streaming services are cheap anyways), etc. I mean, what is all that bullshit doing for you anyways?

Excuse me, but… why the fuck would you spend $180 on a pair of MJ or LBJ basketball shoes (especially if you live in a city where anyone might rob you for them), when you could take that and pipeline about 2 to maybe 4 females with that money? Or pay a bill? or take a cheap flight somewhere in the US? Yes, driving a souped-up car with rims are trendy, but what’s the overall point? NEWSFLASH: Females don’t care about that. But racist cops, “thugs” and pickpockets DO!

Now, overseas flings will cost more, but you’d have to go fasting and be very disciplined in order to save up for a trip and in this case, it may take two or more months for you to do that. Years ago, I wrote a very long-winded post-series called The Lesser Of Two Evils. A vasectomy costs only $500 once. Child support is $500 a month for 2 decades. A trip overseas would be $500 x 2/4.

If you pipeline nationwide, airline tickets will cost you (and “Spirit airlines” don’t go everywhere). Hooking up with a chick out of state requires airline tickets that can be purchased at the convenience of both you and her, according to date or budget. Going to see a FWB in another state is more costly, as opposed to them coming to see you. At least if they purchase their own round-trip flight tickets, you could accommodate everything else. Besides, it’s almost impossible for you to crash at her place, since most women don’t live alone, especially if they are single mothers, or “insatiable wives” (fucking a married woman in a place she shares with her husband and rascals is not something I’d advocate)!

I don’t recommend this openly, but if you are dealing with a freak who makes her own money (irrelevant of how she makes it), if she’s really feeling you and you are fucking her right, there’s a possibility that in your life, a woman might throw money at you. Not because you are pimping her or because you are a gigolo… but because you’re probably the best lover (current or in total) she’s ever had. I’ve had several instances where three of my FWBs would wire me money from another state. Not because I was cheap or broke, but because I blew her mind.

– Besides, a woman who makes her own money (whether she has a job, on welfare, or the wife of an overachieving beta bitch-boy) has no reason to waste time dealing with a man who she doesn’t feel is capable of getting her stimulated. There’s nothing you can do about the fact that today’s woman are only sexually interested in 25% of the male population. Bluntly, unless you can give her the tingles, a modern woman doesn’t need you!

One thought on “Pipelining On A Budget: 1

  1. Just discovered your blog . Find it very fascinating that you have found the way to experience the full extent of the sexual nature in your manhood that most men either don’t know how to engage or are too afraid to pursue. To quote King Jaffe Joffer “sowing your royal oats” indeed.

    Most men have a very difficult time escaping the invalid social indoctrination given to them since entering grade school. Religion, politics, racism, feminism and the entertainment industry worsens the situation.

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