Dichotomy 1: Pipelining vs. Escorts

I’ve been pondering on creating this dichotomy for several months now…

A “Dichotomy” by definition is “a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.” For some strange reason, the word “dichotomy” has intimidated me for a while. But not because of it representing a “lesser of two evils” concept, nor the somewhat unpleasant album cover of Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo” album.


Fellas, for those of you who have no interest in restricting yourself to monogamous unions and want to know how to deal with multiple women, “game” or no “game”, now is the time for you to ponder on a specific dichotomy:

Pipelining vs. Escorts

I’ll give you examples of their similarities and differences.

PIPELINING – Pipelining (as I’ve mentioned here) revolves around a source of steady sex partners (i.e. “polyamory”), whether they all know each other, or otherwise. Whether there’s racial or geographical barriers or not, pipelining can only occur if the concepts of hedonism is understood. Hedonism revolves around pleasure, yet requires focusing on “self” throughout all stages of life, irrelevant of societal contempt, social mores, gender roles and shitty obligations.

Aside from fuel costs, plane tickets, contraception/STD test swaps, grooming, a place to stay (residencies, living arrangements or hotels) and other basic assorted trinkets — pipelining doesn’t cost anything, as it’s based on intrinsic attraction, chemistry or “game” between the sexes. This is especially the case since “empowered women” whom make their own money has no reason to be around “beta suckers” who she doesn’t see as having sex appeal. That said, you don’t have to be an overachieving scientist, an educator, or a 9-5 wage slave at a Fortune 500 company to pipeline women. You can reap the benefits of balling hot pussy even if you have a living arrangement, or in a cheap $400-per-month duplex in a lower-class community (as long as you’re discreet, not surrounded by thieves and not a registered sex offender).

So, the cliché of never losing women by chasing money is a decaying one.

If you think I’m lying, why would an urban black “thug” with multiple tattoos get high quality and quantity of poon and booty with little education, equity or effort? Why would an especially “independent” woman choose him rather than a boring “beta chump” whose on or beyond “her level”? Even if she’s a sex worker who deals with men in their lowest form daily, but would rather support her bad boy (sexually or financially), who is not tricking off of her? All it takes is social skills, balls, absent of neediness, a reputation built on sexual bravado, an improved physical condition and playing “the numbers game”.

Pipelining can also include the BDSM or “swingers” crowd. Either way, you can find a bevy of freaks in your city, or outside of your comfort zones – take cheap flights to see them or arrange for them to see you. Everybody’s available whenever (even if they are attached!), everyone can “go Dutch”, everyone has their own place of residency, home décor, credit cards and bank accounts. Nobody buys diamonds, tuxedo rentals, bridal gowns or any of that other nonsense. In fact, by pipelining, the most expensive thing you may spend money on is a decent hotel room, round trip flights, perhaps birthday gifts, or even admission to a swingers club with your partner(s).

ESCORTS – If you were to ask me approximately three years ago, I’d have said escorts are superior to regular women. Well, while I have zero qualms against escorts (particularly non-western ones), it’s not a lifestyle I’d make a habit of engaging in. I know some men whose sex lives revolves around P4P only for various reasons (from avoiding “damaged” American chicks and their mind games to being sidetracked by western women’s insatiable desires and hypergamous tendencies). And guess what? These men may have a valid point. The average woman isn’t worth the stress that she causes. Plus, non-western women are generally more feminine and in better shape than their American counterparts.

Escorts (i.e., “hoes”) can make life much more sweeter. Even though money is exchanged and it’s their job to sell a fantasy, it’s quite superior to chasing average Plain-Jane 3s, burned-out “baby mamas”, man-stroke women or fast-food addicted “BBWs” who delude themselves as being “thick”. I’ve recently traveled abroad twice this year and wrote about my discoveries (link1 & link2).

The downside of seeing escorts is list-worthy: Escorts fake it to make it and one can’t always tell (unless they are an expert in body language) and escorting is illegal in the U.S. – That said, I’m not openly advocating escort use in the west. Western-born escorts and strippers are fake in their personas and their body parts (thanks to plastic surgery) and they are no different than “wifey”; meaning that they’re with you only for your money. Plus, they are Oscar-worthy actresses and liars by omission.

The two major downsides of escorts is that

1] You are renting time with them, like a paid psychiatrist or a high-flying lawyer. Once the time’s up, that’s it. Once you run out of funds, you’re SOL (shit out of luck). Granted, if she likes you and/or enjoys her profession, she may give you overtime, a freebie or you can pipeline her – but don’t ever ask for it!

2] Only a dummy would rawdog an escort, unless they’re romping in a regulated sense. IMHO, you haven’t had great sex unless it’s rawdog and your partners are clean and “fixed”.

Unfortunately though, the average “real woman” has rawdog sex with random men on the first date, which is certainly not cool (unless they’ve both swapped updated STD tests).

Escorts and strippers have a job description to meet, like bartenders and other rent-seekers, or salesmen. Outside of their profession, they want nothing to do with you, even if you are their “regular” …unless you are visiting their country where the customs are different. Escorting costs much more than pipelining, but even then, it’s much cheaper, equal and more gratifying than LTRs, matrimonial unions and legal wrangling. That said, a steady “square” job with a disposable income is required to fuck escorts.

The other alternative is a mundane, soul-sucking marriage where you wife effectively padlocks you in a chastity belt. All while she pursues “alpha” dick on the side, from a group of pipe-laying “assholes” who weren’t stupid enough to think a 50+ hour workweek is an even exchange for a genetic legacy, let alone some pussy. Something which a tattooed gym rat, a hardened blue-collar brute or a “street smart playa” can get for a much cheaper price.

– Ask yourselves, why would a woman give her best to a two-timing hustling “sodomite”, rather than her autistic, shrivel-dicked husband? even though he’s providing for her in a shitty middle-class abyss? Do you know how psychologically damaged and sexually devoid middle class families are? especially middle class non-white families? Nevermind…

Your choice!

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