The Possibility Of Sex (A Book Review)


The Possibility Of Sex is a book written and published by Alan Roger Currie in 2012. Alan Roger Currie is a black author who has written several books on how to deal with today’s woman in the arenas of dating and human sexual interaction. In this one, he puts the duplicitous tendencies and stupid mind games (“shit tests”) women play on full blast. More direct and modern than Matthew Fitzgerald’s 1999 book Sex-ploytation, Alan Roger Currie turns the tables – especially in a society that consistently panders to women, which includes multiples of books written for women on “the type of men to avoid” in today’s dating scene.

Almost similar to Nicholas Jack’s The Key Logger, this book exposes how women use social media and social gatherings (churches included) to use vulnerable men as bait in order to massage their egos with nonstop flattery. This is especially true amid the epidemic of attention-whoring and flaking among today’s women, regardless if they are in their 20s and 30s, or even if they are the stereotypical MILFs and cougars, race irrelevant.

Currie exposes how women prey on the sexual vulnerability of men who appear too nice = needy, thirsty and impatiently horny. Simply put, those who put women on pedestals and provides with with ‘queen’ statuses and goddess recognition are those who are brushed off as losers, walking ATM machines, “play brothers”, “personal entertainers” and “platonic boyfriends” (aka, a shoulder to cry on without reciprocation). The men who score with women are generally those who are labelled as “assholes” or those who are more upfront, direct and straight to the point. Currie describes the latter of the bunch as those who practice “Mode One” behaviour, saying this is the best route to take. That way, absolutely no time is wasted on a woman who does not feel the same way about men who want sex or relationships. The worst that can happen is that scenario is when a woman says “No”, which is her right. As a result, the best response is to move to the next woman or women.

This book begins with an introduction where the author runs into a Latina woman who stopped going to a church in L.A., only because the men were not giving her any attention. Though she was an attention-seeker, she played a dangerous game with men: She admitted that even if she weren’t sexually interested in a group of men, she still wanted them to pursue her sexually, even when she knows she’ll reject them. Sadly, more women are becoming like her. This is where “Time wasters”, dick teasing and man-stroking comes in – which is what hordes of women in The Anglosphere are notoriously known for. Based on my own personal experiences, especially on Facebook and in real-life, the men who appear needy, overtly horny and who treat women as ‘queens’ and ‘goddesses’ are only used to massage the ego of women. Women have zero interest in these men, other than using them to lavish them with gifts, social media ‘likes’ and cash. They, however, give up sex to the few men who won’t kiss her ass, cater to her bullshit, as well as those who will make women wait to have sex with them. Either because he already has access to multiple women, or because it’s used as a methodic ‘trick’ to make women desire him more as time passes.

In today’s world, women are giving up the traditional notion that they are supposed to be more “respectable” and “lady like” by abstaining from sex. This scam enforced by traditionalism and spirituality is why black men and black women were sexually incompatible for a very long time. Today, it is revealed that women are much more hornier than men are. They also give in to sexual temptation and urges quicker than men do. This can only be observed on social media, male strip clubs, or upon overhearing conversations in female hangouts. Even then, needy men are no “challenge” to them and are easily predictable. Women have more respect for alpha males, guys with standards, those who publicly shut certain women away and those who remain ‘busy’.

He describes multiple types of women to avoid, such as misandrists (often mistaken as “feminists”), drama queens (who love to start shit), gold diggers, married women who cheat and time-wasters.

Alan Roger Currie breaks down several types of time-wasters. One type is the woman who lures men in with the possibility of sex in attempts to use him as a “platonic sugar daddy” – one who spends money on women without getting sex in return. Unlike sex workers and upscale erotic escorts who are more honest, the latter woman uses men to provide her with free rides on the lifeboat. Other include attention whores who use men to stroke and validate her ego, which is what they ultimately live for (which is extremely rampant on Facebook, Instagram and other types of social media). Another includes the type who uses the possibility of sex to get a more undesirable man to reduce himself to being her “gossip buddy”. Those types complain about the bad boys and promiscuous studs whom they run back to after episodes of drama. They also brag about how much dick they’ve either rode or sucked to him, which gets him geeked up, believing that one day, he will be able to have sex with her. Men like these sooner or later become psychologically emasculated and is like a male-version of a ‘girlfriend’.

He briefly takes on the double standard pop culture and western media embraces when it comes to domestic violence. For example, in Tyler Perry’s movies when a male character gets attacked or emasculated, female audience members applaud. When male characters, however, attack women (though rap music exposes erratic female tendencies), people complain, call for hearings or attempt to boycott those films or forms of entertainment.

Currie mentions how women use their bodies to prey on male sexual vulnerability, knowing good and damned well most of the men who they dicktease will never have a chance at sex with them – either because the men are needy or not considered ‘sexual material’. I really like one chapter where he explains how he went to visit a friend and a female roommate purposely walked around the place half naked, throwing herself at him. He puts her in check, saying that she needs to cut it out and that he has no interest in seeing her – or any other woman – naked (in nature or photographed) unless he knows well in advance he’s going to fuck her. After telling her this, it came to her as a serious blow. Even though she agreed with his logic, she said that he was taking away her “fun”.

This is considered normal in the age of technological advances and social media – where women post half-naked, fully naked, drunk pictures or “twerk” videos in an attempt to gain hordes of men who will kiss her ass in attempts to express their desire to have sex with these women. Most men have no chance, while few others who are lucky score – as long as they are in shape, have an ‘edge’ and do not appear needy. Most men entertain these women not because they are weak, but because they are bored and very sexual beings. Sadly, women use it to their advantage to hype themselves up or to toy with most men’s lives.

The upside is that in a time where hardly anyone is buying shoes before trying them on first, it gives men and women alike opportunities to ‘window shop’ before spending valuable time approaching them – even if the only outcome is sexual in nature with no strings attached. This is the upside of hypergamy, which is not gender restrictive. The downside is when men and women promises what they can not deliver, including sex being used as the “carrot on the stick”, making more vulnerable people to different levels of abuse.

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