How The West Will Resemble The Black Community… Or Worse: 2

white trash ghetto smash

“Nobody will care about their fate or well-being, and their demise might become a source of entertainment.” ~  Advocatus Diaboli (The Many Ways Older Whites Are Screwed)

Picking up where I’ve left off, here are more self-inflicted reasons why The Anglosphere and other ‘developed’ countries will sputter it’s own demise…

7) Immediate gratification – To be clear, I have no problem with immediate gratification as long as no one gets hurt, momentarily or in the long run. But it also depends on what exactly we’re talking about. We live in a time where we’ve more options than our forefathers and foremothers. That said, there’s honestly no reason to settle, or waste time. For that, we, by our own admission, choose between love vs. money, love vs. lust, relationships vs. hookups, etc. Because some of us choose ‘the other route’, it leaves everyone else out in the cold somehow… because they are stuck on stupid.

The lesser of two evils is a concept that is heavily embraced in today’s age. People realize their lives can be easier once they tend to their own self-centered needs and desires. People assuming traditionalism is an ample substitute for optimal living will feel the sting the hardest. Understandable, because immediate gratification also leads to something like… low fertility. Then, will humanity lead to extinction? The black community, however, is exempt from that because of all of these sistaz having so many knucklehead babies out of wedlock. But even that’s based on immediate gratification.


Immediate gratification has it’s pros and cons. The cons can easily be spotted in something like obesity (America has the fattest demagogue of the world), financial greed, scams, mind games, lack of quality in most human relationships, which leads to most people preferring quantity instead. But in the end, it’s nature taking it’s course. In order for any partnership to occur, both people have to be on the same page. Otherwise people today only operate on one thing: Self-interest.

8) Systematic Karma – For decades, many pro-blacks have voiced out the systematic devaluation of blacks in general, post-civil rights era. There has been countless books written about black children being dumbed down by the shitty public school system ran by female avarice. Plus the fact that young boys are put on meds to tone down testosterone, rebellion and simple masculinity. As a result, children cannot be themselves and they are rendered into ballerinas trying to enter UFC matches. As a result, many black male youths drop out in search of other stable avenues…

Now, white men are starting to see what that shit is like, hence all of the blogs written on ROK about the shitty governmental public schooling our sons are forced to adhere to, which is rendering them impotent, feminized and retarded. Though some blacks have been long aware of the conspiracy, much of this was systematically designed to fail and ruin the lives of black boys before they grew up. Add feminism to the mix – which affects all men – and it’s a recipe for cultural demise.

It wouldn’t surprise me that this was systematically designed by ‘white racial supremacy’, but even if it was, the current state is strangely a great start for sweet, instant karma. Thing is, aside from the prison industry, it’s not cramping the lifestyles for most black men, even those who have criminal records. If anything, most black men who roam in and out of jail/prison feel as if they have nothing to lose.

9) Gentrification – Gentrification is one of the oldest tricks used for “planning and development”, a la “divide and conquer”. This technique is not only used towards gays, blacks, Southeast Asians and other American ‘minorities’, but towards poor whites (a la ‘trailer trash’) alike. What this proves is that upper-class white America will turn on those who look like them, if they do not fit in with their infrastructure via belief system, political affiliation, class, etc. Capitalists and government also gives poor white terrible living conditions. For further evidence, visit any city filled with megachurches, thrift stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, off-track betting, off-brand grocers, city jobs and trailer parks.


10) Low Fertility Rates and Alt-Lifestyles – Low fertility rates isn’t an issue with blacks and Latinos, although the abortion rate in the black community is just as high as the illegitimate kids. Regardless of whether or not it’s done the ‘right’ way, demography matters. Plus the fact that ‘morality’ and ‘law’ is not above people doing what comes naturally. Recreational sex is always superior to procreational sex, although the latter was traditionally the only way most men could get some. So, that social pressure and shaming isn’t working. Nevermind the conservatives and moralistic, boule, talented-tenth blacks who obsess over those ‘promiscuous’, ‘sexually irresponsible’ blacks having kids out of wedlock. That said, I doubt highly brown-skinned people will ever face extinction.

In developed countries, feminism is on the rise. Female hypergamy, sperm wars, contraception, divorce courts and economic recessions creates shit like MGTOW, MRM and the rise of basement dwellers who can’t smoothly get pussy, or those who had the pussy get them. This is happening in East-Asian countries too, hence the Japanese Herbivore lifestyle and women who schedule infanticide.

Poverty causes people to fuck like rabbits. So, unlike most impoverished blacks and Latinos, an interest in having kids is fading within the rich and well-to-doers. With that in mind, plus the incline of alt-lifestyles, think about what it’ll do to consumerism, capitalism and big governments? Though the government is richer than any man, could it be possible that it might experience a demise? In regards to hypergamy, most women in Gen-Y are only interested in a quarter of the male populace. The welfare state never stopped black women from having multiple men in and out of their house for sex, be it ‘civilians’, sugar daddies or other types of pipe layers.

Though fertility rates are decreasing among most, that doesn’t change the pathetic reality that most men are drones and on-point simps. For that, women feel it’s a man’s job to build them a ship and automatically give her the rights to run the show. Yet, if they fuck it up, they also feel it’s his job to ‘man up’ and build her another. While some women are dumb enough to believe everyone will live in a world like that, most men enable it, whereas most black men want no parts of that. Therefore, The Anglosphere will endure a very hard fall.


…and it will be entertaining, to say the very least…

5 thoughts on “How The West Will Resemble The Black Community… Or Worse: 2

  1. That karma you are talking about is not really something that the majority of whites deserved. It’s true that the elite has deliberately destroyed families – some things were tested out in black communities first.
    They knew that financial aid given exclusively to mothers would wreak havoc on families – in the beginning social services even aggressively searched for any sign of a man living in those households.
    If they wanted to keep up the family structure they would have made it mandatory for every woman to have a husband and best the money given only to the male head of the household. Also no-fault divorce is also terrible for empowering female hypergamy. That way you would have marriage rates of 90%+ in the black community by now.

    I believe that top-down plans for all of us are to create a Brave New World society of total promiscuity – no family structure at all. That way a people is always at the mercy of the all-powerful government. Men were always the ones who banded together and fought for their families. Without families everyone is fending for himself.

    Currently being a traditionalist does not make any sense – alternative masculine lifestyles are much better – Player, part-time Player, MGTOW with Game etc.

    I believe that top-down plans for all of us are to create a Brave New World society of total promiscuity – no family structure at all. That way a people is always at the mercy of the all-powerful government.

    How on earth so, unless people are sexually irresponsible (which leads to unwanted pregnancies and STDs)? If anything, it makes your life easier, as long as you are discreet and use contraceptives. When you exit the life of bachelorhood and enter into soul sucking marriages, it’s not about YOU anymore. It’s about those extra mouths you have to feed and you must become selfless for the sake of them. Even ‘Black Science’ reveals that family can be your biggest obligation. Why? Because for one, when they are in need, you have to drop everything to tend to their aid. That very thing you’ve dropped can either be used against you or taken away from you by someone else.

    Men were always the ones who banded together and fought for their families.

    Sure, but is that how things roll now? The welfare state took fathers out of the home and so did the pathetic, sorry-ass ‘war on drugs’. In addition to that, being a good father won’t stop ‘law enforcement’ or the military from murdering your kids, even if they were unarmed and did all of ‘the right things’ in life.

    1. True – having a family sucked, but the stable system helped create a prosperous civilization – also one in which for a time at least middle-class wives did not have to work, because men earned enough (possible only because they created unions and there was no wage pressure through immigration or women pushing into the labor market).

      But I get what you are saying – as a Player there was never a better time and that is true of course. In the past you either needed huge amounts of money, right place (Hollywood) or had to have a paid mistress.
      Now all you need is swagger, be in shape and know Game and can be a happy bachelor until your 60s.

      You are right that the current family destruction is too systematic to fight it by being one Alpha Provider Daddy in a sea of divorce and debauchery. I too prefer to join the debauchery.

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