An Epiphany About the Minstrel Show That is Terry Crews

While playing “sambo” or some “good ole’ boy” isn’t something new in black America, this tradition of caricatures in order to make mainstream America feel more at ease with black men has upgraded and expanded itself since the civil rights movement – particularly after the 1970s “blaxploitation” era; sometime in the 1980s

For the past several years, actor Terry Crews has made a big fucking spectacle of himself for the sake of gaining brownie points with radical feminists and their push to label masculinity as “toxic” (I won’t say he’s trying to gain pussy points from white women, because women don’t really respect male feminists and captain save-a-hoes). Since he was sexually “assaulted” by an apparent white male groupie (Hollywood executive) who made a gay pass at him, he has been going on futile crusades in public and town hall meetings, saying that he felt “emasculated”.

So, before I continue with my in-depth thoughts about how pathetic Terry Crews is, I’ll admit that I see something most folks can’t compute. In my view of things, this is just a lame attempt to win brownie points (again, not pussy points) from white feminists and gays. Especially since the USSA is becoming more tolerant of homosexuality and LGBT for purposes of business and political correctness. And don’t get me started on how gays run Hollywood and the dark underworld associated with it (even though it’s no different from how the Italian mafia ran casinos, or how the Chinese triads ran the Hong Kong movie industry in the early 90s). It’s not too different from celebrities voicing their “hatred” for Trump, even though they had no problems taking photos, partying and being seen in public with him before his presidency.

Terry Crews just adds to the ascending list of a gang of washed up has-beens trying to sustain themselves – which is business as usual. This is typical when celebrities, trends, fads and genres lose popularity among audiences, popular bases and demographics.

To be clear, I’m not saying that it’s acceptable for anyone to lay unwarranted hands on anyone – especially in a sexual manner (unless, of course, you and said persons are currently intimate). But most heterosexual or even select bisexual men would most likely have replied with a well-deserved risky confrontation; in short, an “ass-whoopin'”. This is how 50 Cent, Tariq Nasheed and D.L. Hughley said they would have handled it. Even Will Smith lightly slapped a male groupie who tried to tongue kiss him publicly. Hell, I’m sure some females would even slap or punch some unattractive, sexually inept beta creep who tried to feel up on them unwarranted. Sure, there are various ways of handling the situation, but consider something:

If Terry Crews said he was uncomfortable with getting his dick grabbed by “some fag”, or some “gay white guy”, or even saying that he abhors homosexuality for whatever purpose, he might have been blacklisted and labelled as a “homophobe”. The same way R&B singer Ginuwine was labelled as “transophobic” when he rejected a kiss from an excited white transsexual groupie. So he twists it and tries to attack normal, biological masculinity, acting like an attention whore.

If you doubt that he’s doing this to sustain himself, consider how he apologized to women for watching porn and then encourages other men to stop watching porn – which is just as pathetic. I mean, why apologize to women for having normal, biological sexual urges – especially when it’s a matter of your own private life and is no one else’s business? This is also living proof that post-feminized American society and the #MeToo movement has made men scared of pussy. What they don’t get is that Feminism 4.0 and “unfair laws against men” mainly target men who are stalker-ish, lack sexual chemistry and those who “come where they eat” (men using prestige, resources and authority to coerce women and other “subordinates” into having sex with them).

Keep in mind that this is the same actor who accepted roles where he plays as a crossdresser one minute, then a hypermasculine thug the next. The same idiot who was actually refused entry at some feminazi town hall meeting. The same idiot who recently showed up at The 2019 Grammy Awards wearing purses and high heels.

If you don’t think that’s bad, consider how he insinuates a modern-day slave plantation fight with D.L. Hughley and threatens to “slap the shit” out of him; something he never did to the male groupie who fondled him. A serious conundrum! You can find several articles online (link 1 and link 2) where he voices a contempt for “male pride”. Doesn’t he understand that maybe historically, men die because of pride in order to prevent emasculation and that it’s better to die on your feel than to live on your knees? Hence terms such as “death before dishonor” and “over my dead body”

Truth be told, a handful of men who grew up in abusive households or even witnessed their mother’s sexuality (or even their father’s infidelity) grow up to be some of the biggest male feminists, undercover homosexuals and captain save-a-hoes. Terry Crews (like most white men or “queen worshippers”) is going to be the most recent and upsetting example of the fact that the more a man desire to be someone’s slave, the further the goal gets pushed behind him. Look, women innately just do not fucking respect captain save-a-hoes, manginas, pussy beggars and other panderers.

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