Common Groupthink Regurgitation: 04

…continued from the previous installment…

13] “Social media has ruined human relationships”

Has it really? Or has it just revealed the unpleasant reality that most human relationships aren’t worth the time, energy or pursuit? If anything, it gives it’s users the ease of discovering like-minded people and select their circle members based on personal tastes, character, conduct and content. But here’s a question… If people prefer virtual interactions with those outside of their geographical restrictions, isn’t that superior to dealing with duplicitous, disingenuous people in the same city/state as them? If people prefer to spend time with smartphone apps rather than face-to-face interactions, what does this say about those who said person refuses to spend quality time with?

Social media has enhanced selective solitude, natural selection, choice by observation and smaller social circles. It has also adorned narcissism, amenity and megalomania. To a huge extent, this is a great thing as it reduces wasted time and unnecessary people in your life.

14] “Pull yourself up by the bootstraps”

This idiom has been perpetuated by rich, white conservatives who have no interest in things like equality, money circulation and empowerment of other non-whites. While I’m all for the idea of people getting their shit together, it still remains a process that will not occur overnight. But this myth is equally destructive as the one that tells us “If you can dream it, you can be it.” Damned lies!

Most of those in power got their position by scams, murder, lies, theft, pyramid schemes, having the “right connections” and other mindfucks. The same degenerates will boldly lash out against men and women of non-white, or lower status who pull themselves up by their bootstraps in underhanded means. Why is it that blacks, Hispanics and Southeast Asians are looked down upon for selling drugs and sex, scalping concert/sports tickets, boosters or engaging in other forms of “hustling”? Don’t those of non-white, lower status have more of a reason to choose their sordid lifestyles when their economy is crap and when no one is willing to give them shit?

It would be far more degrading to work at fast food joints for hourly chump change rather than choosing fast and easy money – the same way governments and greedy white CEOs gain their kickbacks. Yet, let them tell it, the former are “lazy” and “immoral”.

Is all of the Bill Cosby/conservative influenced “bootstrap lecturing” really about creating success stories? Or is it some systematic, money-racketing, racial or holy crusading issue?

15] “Doctors, lawyers, lawmakers, teachers, preachers and law enforcement are top-notch professions”

Doctors, lawyers, lawmakers, teachers, preachers and law enforcement exists not so much to help humanity… but to shit on people amid acting “important” and enjoying paychecks, benefits and other perks that comes with it.

Doctors get paid, whether surgeries and life-saving procedures are botched or otherwise. Lawmakers get paid, whether laws are detrimental to the people or not. Teachers and preachers get paid to sell dreams and other useless information that has nothing to do with being able to function in real-life interactions. Law enforcement officers get paid, whether they commit manslaughter or intentionally murder people. In fact, some enter that profession so that they can purposely wield power and flex muscle – because they know innately they can get away with it. Lawyers get paid, whether they intentionally misrepresent their clients and even by blowing them off.

Who kills more people between a doctor, cops or street thugs? Who’s more likely to send brain-damaged children and young adults into a world unable to function and engage in healthy interactions with others between a teacher, a preacher or a mediocre rap musician? But I suppose it’s tolerable as long as they take home a fat paycheck, even though it ruins more lives than those in, let’s say… blue-collar or under-the-table professions? Who’s intentionally spreading life-crippling diseases among women and others under the disguise of “heaven-sent messengers” or “respectable” occupations? Doctors? Lawyers? A blue-collar or a street “gangster of love”? Who’s more likely to murder larger groups of people and justify it? Cops? Doctors? Street thugs? Serial killers? Drug dealers or drunk drivers?

16] “Women run the world with that thing between their legs”

When it comes to breeding, yes. Otherwise, no. Women run manginas, mama’s boys, cape crusaders and stupid fucking matchstick men with that thing between their legs. While the percentage of these spineless jellyfishes are low in the younger generation, they do constitute the majority of the male species. But who are the types of men women lust and chase after? (clock ticking) That’s right! Those who weren’t stupid enough to pedestalize them or endure long probationary periods to satisfy her materialistic greed – rather than improvising their physique, stamina or Lothario-esque skills.

Men who fall prey to feminine pussy power learn the hard way that it doesn’t get them any respect, or what they truly want. Even men who desire marriage blindly believe they will have 24/7 access to a woman’s pussy, when in contrast, wives will always have 24/7 access to a man’s money, even after divorce. What they don’t get is that women marry for different reasons than men do. Men love harder than women, while women are more in love with status, drama, betrayal and one-upmanships. A married man can easily be accused of rape or domestic violence as much, if not more than the ordinary womanizing cruiser who’s more physically capable of raping a woman with his physique.

Then there’s the growing epidemic of how women tease, manipulate, control and play men with the possibility of sex… And they play these shady games to those desperate guys who worship them like “queens” or “goddesses”.

Pussy power is only as strong as a man’s ignorance – or lack of options.

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