Women Cannot Invade Male-Centric Avenues

male avenues 2In post-feminist America, women – even the attention whores and socialites – complain about men ‘objectifying’ women, or not wanting to get married, be a ‘good man’ and commit to one for a lifetime.

Here’s my take on why this is the case, or it’s relevance…

Even in a generation of female ’empowerment’, women still have no influence, let alone any say-so on male-centric avenues for entertainment, be it material or physical – unless they’ve joined hands in matrimony. This is not only limited in strip clubs, escorts, sports bars, or nightlife arenas… but it also includes video games, sports television, movies and porn. Modern technology, along with youth underemployment, has become more widespread over the years, which causes their fears to become a fact of life. Although this has already been the case in the black community decades ago, this reality will invade relationships within other cultures and heritages now more than ever.

Centuries ago, women who felt scorned or neglected destroyed male spaces for entertainment and composure. This included banning coffee shops, bars and saloons, or making them illegal. Guys would rather spend time at those spots instead of spending time with their wives and LTRs. History is repeating itself, though female contempt and emotion is more potent, their actions remain powerless.

But that doesn’t stop them from influencing other ‘men’ to do their work for them…

‘Law’ enforcement wastes billions of taxpayers dollars trying to control voluntary prostitution among women, because they feel it’s their ‘job’ to play captain save-a-hoe and save the ‘damsel in distress’. Others take the moral high ground while other cops just want to meet their quotas, get that sweet-ass pension deal or because the money is tax-free and the government can’t get a share. Others have a illogical, feminized concept to criminalize the buyer, while the sellers keep selling. Well, what logic is in that? If you sell something, someone is gonna buy it or attempt to. One is no better than the other, right?

I can say you always pay for sex, or the possibility of it. You spend around $500 to go out on three dates with no action, or worse case scenario, you spend $1M on marriages, orgies of female narcissism disguised as ‘wedding receptions’, ‘baby showers’, then there’s divorce, child support, alimony, asset forfeiture, etc. Most young guys like myself has seen what’s happened to our fathers and other men before us who played these stupid games, with a guaranteed no-win outcome.

Most guys today are single, act single, or they go AWOL at the sight of anything putting a dent in their comfort zones. Then, there’s the issue of male hypergamy, which pisses women off – specifically black women. Not that other races of women don’t complain about ‘their’ men choosing ‘other’ women or guys not wanting to “stop having all of that fun and grow up!” In my observation and experience, black women bitch and cry about hypergamy probably more than the white guys in The Manosphere does. But in some ways, feminists of all ethnicities are getting just as bad. Like black women, they complain that men are assholes, whether they are established or impoverished.

Conservatives, feminists and power-hungry bitches – particularly those aging, fat, sloppy, greasing ones who love fairy-tales – want to create a criminally idealistic world where men willfully put their names on shit that won’t improve. They long for the day where every black man is gonna be a “good man” with a “good heart” and either return back to their families, or find a nice black woman to have black kids with. OK, but then what? They still have a job problem. There’s still burdens from bills, kids, mood swings or being stuck with a woman who let herself go. This is also where I whole-heartedly agree with Advocatus Diaboli’s stance on sex workers being superior to LTRs and marriages. Sex workers step their A-game up every time. Married women get comfortable, fat and nasty and whoever signs themselves into slavery (the marriage contract) is stuck with that. But when women can’t have their way, they use shaming tactics via spirituality, mind games, set-ups and even law-and-order.

‘Empowered’ women – be it the spearheads, certain attention-whores or feminists – believe male sexuality should be ‘toned down’ because most guys like things they consider ‘bizarre’, like ass sex, BDSM, etc. THEY, on the other hand, should empower themselves by having multiple partners, while the love of their lives remain locked in chastity devices. Like Steve Harvey’s stupid 90 Day Rule, which is just another ‘shit test’; she gives it up to others and makes YOU wait 90 days. They also feel men should be more into satisfying their wives instead of hanging out with the boys, obsessing over sports and action movies. But, like idiots who want so bad to bring back traditionalism, how many people with half-a-brain will go for that?

But there’s two major and overlooked factors contributing to this reality, which is unfortunate for women, be it the power-hungry bitches or the ones who look for Mr. Right once they’re past their use-by date. And it’s not the hypergamous nature of humans.

1] Youth unemployment/underemployment

– Youth underemployment and unemployment gives young guys even more reason to avoid the traps of traditionalist standards of living. Because of feminism causing women to dominate the workforce, young men are experiencing a demise in the economic pool. Capitalism, conservatism and the traditional belief that “older men are more seasoned, young men are lazy” makes it an even shittier proposition. But this doesn’t imply the quality of life is fading away. It could just give youngsters more of a reason to avoid LTRs, the standardized wife-and-kids routine, buying overpriced houses or cars and interacting with people who’s not feeding them, fucking them or financing them. I know guys who are either on governmental assistance, drug barons or who have indie-businesses who are living just fine, even if they live in a studio apartment, or living with their parents or have living arrangements with random strangers or friends. As long as they have money to entertain themselves (strip clubs, escorts, sex with total strangers, porn, video games, sightseeing, travel, tattoos, fulfilling their obsessions with sports, cars and clothes), they’re content. Plus the fact that it’s much cheaper than maintaining LTRs, suburban houses, Christmas gifts, honeymoons, wedding anniversaries, furniture, taxes, credit card payments, etc. But this has been going on in many third-world countries for decades and believe it or not, they’re better off than most westerners.

Male hypergamy differs from female hypergamy, because a guy doesn’t have to make 70K+ a year in order to find himself a better deal or have multiple women on rotation. Yes, money is a major deal-breaker, but oddly, guys who would rather make an illegal 25K a year instead of a legal 75K a year has more options, regardless of the kind of pussy gets thrown at him. Why? Because they are their own men, instead of those who ‘go along to get along’. The fact that women outnumber black men by at least 30:1 further goes to show that pussy is guaranteed. So, there’s no reason to get suckered into LTRs or deal with 22 hours of mood swings just to get 2 hours or less of sex. .. One reason why women like wage slaves, welfare kings and mamas boys is because women can easily control them and the relationship…

2] The rise of modern technology

– Advocatus Diaboli has written a topic years ago about how women can no longer burn, ban or destroy porn. The reason being is because access to it is easier now than ever before, with almost no cost. So, why would anyone want to own VHS tapes, DVDs and X-rated magazines when it’s free of cost to see these same images and sex scenes from a laptop, desktop, an iPad or your choice of smartphone, for free and with higher quality?

Modern technology has also fed into the rise of hookup culture, providing youngsters even more alt-lifestyles. Men and women alike can be even more hypergamous, rent time and sample eachother’s ‘goodies’. People are less interested in building homes, but playing house instead. Who in their right mind would build something that can be dismantled by anyone, even if they’ve done all the ‘right things’ in life?

Thanks to lock screens on technological devices, no one can invade your privacy, no more banning porn, movies and naked photos. Hell, you can put someone on your block list or silence your ringer. Which means, no more annoying calls from a nagging female calling to check on her ‘property’. If he’s masculine enough to do what he likes and not want to deal with her, he can leave her hanging while he chooses another source – which could be a public outing, sex with an escort, visiting the strip clubs or sports bars, or even playing some cruel, hypermasculine sex-god who breaks in some young, crossdressing sissy who wants to be a girl. Funny thing is, even these cake boys have wives and girlfriends who are clueless.

Today’s generation of men have various sources and avenues of gratification to choose from. The same can’t be said for older, traditional guys who spend their lives playing by the rules, let alone or guys who are victimized by mother-son dynamics in their culture. Unfortunately for them, they don’t have it that good.

What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Women Cannot Invade Male-Centric Avenues

  1. There is no male hypergamy.
    Hypergamy is a female psychological trait that second-guesses the value of their man – usually almost until the end of their sexual market value. It is likely a mechanism that evolved in women due to the fact that they always looked out of the strongest Alpha male to either father their children (Alpha Fucks) and to protect and provide for them and the children (Beta Bucks).
    Men lack that impulse. We only have our inherent desire to fuck as many young fertile women as possible. But since we also potentially like to have our own house in order and have our own progeny, most men simply do not divorce a sweet, feminine, loving, slim wife of 15 years, who has born 2 of your children. Even if the man has options he prefers to have mistresses than to leave that wife. That is why over 80% of divorces are initiated by women – even when the men are good stable providers and fathers.
    The black communities have just gone the path of family structure destruction decades before the White households. In the end both will look the same very soon.

    And you actually believe men aren’t capable of doing the same? Don’t think hypergamy is gender restrictive just because of “scientific reasoning”. Yes, women second-guess the value of men, but how does this differ from men who contemplate on whether or not they want to have sex with a woman once, let alone more than twice? How does this differ from the black men who prefer European, Asian or Mulatto (biracial) women over black women? Or the bros who prefer, let’s say… Brazilian black women over African-American black women?

    As far as men preferring to stay married and cheat, yes that occurs. But let’s be real, which ratio is higher between black men who marry versus those who do not marry? In this day and age, not many people are interested in that. Most folks are single or act single. As far as white households resembling black households, I predict that already. Blacks have had it bestowed unto them. White men, on the other hand, are furthering their own cause.

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